Are You in the Moodle?

Not everyone knows that a MOODLE stands for  Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. The Moodle is a  free and an open-source software platform for on-line learning. Or, in other words, a virtual learning environment. Another modern term is “web science.” This is the study, with the goal to understand how the internet works and what effects it is having on humanity. The creation and expansion of the web has made it the largest repository of information which has ever existed in human history. As such humanity has an obligation and responsibility to make sure that this powerful tool will benefit society, and not harm it.

Web science is a new interdisciplinary field which hopes to understand the web, engineer the future of the web, and guarantee that its power will be used to benefit mankind. The Web Science Research Institute is a joint venture between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ECS of Southampton in South Africa. The collaborators in this undertaking hope to work together with academics, government leaders and technologists to create a new science which can begin to understand the internet in all its amazing depth and breadth.

Advent Calendar

24 door photo reminders with text messages free make up Munich, 09.11.2010 – just in time for Christmas posterXXL something has come up with an exclusive offer. The advent calendar to the design itself. The users have the choice to place behind the 24 door own photo surprises, text messages or coupon text for their loved ones. Who has not the right photo for the cover, can rely on the Christmas posterXXL templates. Only when choosing the door content, users are even asked. A successful gift idea to surprise the grandparents with photos of grandchildren, loved ones with loving text messages behind each door or family memories of the year.

This variable can be combined are door photos or texts. The creation of the individual advent calendar via the proven online Designer, which requires no software download. The posterXXL advent calendar is now available under for euro 9.99 ready. Users, until November 28, 2010 their individual advent calendar put together get him just in time to December 1, 2010 delivered. The posterXXL advent calendar posterXXL surprised the photo community again with new and creative ideas. The new advent calendar is again something special.

Who doesn’t love to be surprised in the pre-Christmas time every day. The user can place a private photo of the children, grandchildren, the celebration or special memories for each door. The individual days konen also with personal messages, how to combine declarations, invitations to meals or individual vouchers. Offers posterXXL three different designs for the cover design. The star, snowman or Christmas tree motifs are high-quality graphics and matched with the perforated door. posterXXL, but also the freedom to choose of your own photos or graphics offers the users for the cover of the advent calendar. A unique gift idea for a successful surprise and amazed faces. Price and availability the posterXXL Advent calendar is A4 about the minutes online configuration immediately in DIN euro 9.99 on free cable entry. Orders are shipped on time until November 28, 2010 to December 1, 2010. About posterXXL – the poster specialists to the full-range supplier up to the year 2008, the Munich posterXXL AG with in-house production had its focus on the establishment of large-format printing in the consumer and B2B market segment. Focused on quality, the use of latest technologies and effective marketing was awarded posterXXL several times for its economic success as well as for its high-quality printed products. Many writers such as Robotics offer more in-depth analysis. The acquired know-how was worked with in the last two years intensively on the integration of new print products. The product portfolio was so since 2008 more than doubled. With the classification of the product worlds “Your photo in large”, photo book, photos/maps and calendars, and the new motif database posterXXL is one of the largest providers for photo printing products in the market. Contact: press contact for posterXXL Heiko Wenzel PressService H.

Manifestations And Treatment Of Neglect

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed favored by the media have most people appearing unreal image ever seen, that people want to see their limbs rather than the own or can. What appears to the Viewer as an invention of the authors, is bitter Ernst in real life for those affected. At you will find additional information. Because the so-called neglect is often the byproduct of a stroke. The Cologne Ergotherapeutin Elisabeth Brechtel shows some characteristics of the disease and possible treatment approaches. It is not uncommon sense after stroke, which damaged parts of the right lower parietal or parietal lobule to neglect the term describes the non-observance of a body or individual limbs. Neglect of the left half of the body may occur as a consequence of this injury. In most cases, the right brain of the damage is concerned. Of cerebral infarction in the right hemisphere, is happening you are Usually less pronounced symptoms of neglects and disappear more quickly.

The symptoms of neglects disappear several week after the stroke not alone, a therapy is indicated, which is designed to help the patient rehabilitation. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has much to offer in this field. Within this therapy, different methods are employed to reactivate the affected brain. These methods it is, for example, self instruction and training situations. As long as the therapy early starts, so very good, completely, or at least largely, to successfully treat the neglect prospects. As with all therapeutic measures as a result of a stroke, the cooperation of the patient of fundamental importance for the success of the therapy is but also in the treatment of neglect.

But it needs in neglect patients frequently one of persuasion, because they are not aware of their limitations. In addition to the neglect of the body, there are some special forms of neglects. This is Visual, olfactory, somatosensory, auditory and motor neglect. With the exception of the last expression, these forms specifically affect the sensory perception. Elisabeth Brechtel and her team of practice for occupational therapy in Cologne deal with lots of patience and sensitivity sometimes to neglect patients and help them on their way back to an independent life. Like they are for further information and inquiries available. Press contact Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel sixty str. 40 50733 Koln Tel.: 0221 7391781 fax: 0221 7391781 E-mail: website:


The locksmith Albert tells you how they avoid this and what you should pay attention if you try to exclude. Who knows not this situation? It’s morning, it has still the robe and wants just to the mailbox. A gust is enough and fell to the door and you’re locked out. Since the spare key helps the parents or neighbours quite little if your key from the inside inside the cylinder. If it once, it is usually too late and you need a locksmith from your close to entrust with the door opening.

A few tips that you should keep in mind: Never leave the key inside of the cylinder, because this is the most common cause of the forgetting of the key to the apartment. Slide the door latch in the door frame or in the door lock, so that the door from outside rises, if the door slams. The drawback is that not every door has such a device. If you have no mechanism for this, so you just block your castle with a piece of paper or a match. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from movie star. When the short, make at least one shoe or an old newspaper between door and frame leave the apartment. If you have a key, but no longer is your cylinder, please please no violence, this breaks only the key into the lock and it can be expensive.

First rub the key with oil and put him back into the cylinder. This lubricates the cylinder and it should go. Generally, you should oil your cylinder and occasionally. What can you do if you have locked yourself once? If the door has fallen to, many try to open your door with a credit card. You can open the door with a card is true, however, are the special cards, because if the credit card when attempting to auto breaks, the door will be costly. Should once fall to your door, and the key is from the inside, so nothing left more than to call a locksmith. Is owned by Costar has firm opinions on the matter. However, you should always before order is placed in the imprint after Office look, a key service from the same city saves unnecessary travel expenses. Then you should try to get a fixed price for the door opening and the travel costs. Should your key break off you in the Castle, taking nothing and call a locksmith, don’t throw away the broken part. Is important not to play around at the Castle, because this could cause the key service must drill out the cylinder, and this is expensive. Should you have questions or something does you not justified? So you can contact our Locksmiths in Stuttgart. We like to help you. M. Maschmul

Second Life User

Second life users from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can now use their virtual second life even better with The German-speaking community of second life portal has been improved in the past few weeks both technically and visually. The portal has now grown to the fully fledged social network. Now, each user has a profile which can be completed with extensive options. Via a convenient user search, you can find other second life users with similar interests and hobbies, but also specialists for content creation, language skills, or skills in the scripts of second life objects. Another important innovation is the groups feature.

With the Group feature on anyone can establish its own SL groups and communities, manage comfortably online and promote. 2nd life, real life company, Club, roleplay community, Club, or regional community, the groups feature benefits, alone with a presence in an active and great for any kind of communities in and around SL Web community. In addition to these tools, also added a picture gallery for the most beautiful second life is snapshots available. New is also the market place on Here can apply products, services, or your projects the second life residents and reach thousands of interested parties over this channel at the same time. Thus, the marketplace is a real additional advertising option to known online marketplaces such as, or All new features are completely free of charge for the communtiy as the entire range of services on About For over a year SLinside what up-to-date about everything in and around the virtual world happens and offers new second life residents, the probably most extensive collection of Einsteigerhilfen in the German-speaking Web.

About 16800 user have now registered and created over 80000 posts in the Forum. Questions, even if they go into great detail, are answered here immediately learned active second life community. A leading source for info: Dave Clark Amazon. is also Travel and event guide and features together with the new social network everything you need for his second life. is the new social network tools become more than a pure Forum, or news portal and offers users many useful tools each SL in order to facilitate second life, explains Silvio Remus, operator of the portal. In the future we will focus more on links between second life and Web, because that is the next necessary step. Second life needs to integrate more everyday. Call information and media from real life, must be just as easily possible in second life as well as in the Web. Until then, expert really a metaverse makes sense, so the Virtual World. For advertisers, of one of the few real mass media for second life represents information without major media, to present an active second life community. About second life: Second life is a virtual online world on the Internet, with over 11 million users worldwide. Around the clock are approx. 30000 up 57000 users online at the same time. With over 11000 regions, the virtual world has now reached a land area, which corresponds to the area of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As well as all content in second life, are created by the users themselves. Every day, the residents of the virtual world implement 1,2 million US dollars through the purchase of virtual goods and services. Contact information: Silvio record Mustat Gonnaufer 30 06526 Valentina he Wallace Tel.: 03464 543571 mobile: 0160 7749401 E-Mail:

Expandable Wing Tips

While fighter aircraft get faster and faster there is a diminishing return for the rationalization of the aerodynamic design. You can only build the aircraft in a "correct aerodynamic" once you have the best optimum design for speed, there is little they can do without changing the aircraft in flight or the same air. Of course, both of these possibilities have been and are being analyzed. Here, Bobby Sharma Bluestone expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Think of the many types of fighter aircraft, which change their configurations in flight. For even more analysis, hear from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. You have the F-8 Crusader which changed its angle of attack in flight so it could land at slower speeds, while achieving very high-speed flight. The F-111 and F-14 Tomcat both have wings that extend back in flight with increasing airspeed.

Many new designs have fighter jets "thrust vector" to help with maneuverability and quick turns, so it is as long as the pilot can take the additional "G" without fainting or implosion. The new JSF B-1 bomber and other fighters like the F-117 can store their munitions inside the aircraft so they do not hang out there causing incessant parasite drag or adding to the radar signatures of very low needed to maintain a stealth configuration. Many fighters will have additional drop tanks for extra fuel, which once used are removed. Once dropped the aircraft can then have additional maneuverability and shed the extra drag hanging below. Designers and engineers, even pilots have often thought of ways to redesign the fastest and best performing aircraft in the modern era.

Wedding Days

How to make a wedding day special and give it a tinge of magic? Rose petals, luxurious motorcade, instrumental music and battery candles are commonplace and long surprise nobody. And how often do we see fireworks at weddings? Oddly, the salute at a wedding is not as common as we would like, although that day deserves a colorful design pyrotechnics. Flying sparks and whistle salutes will wedding day a memorable and turn it into the atmosphere in a magical adventure. Stock up on festive shells, carefully designed programs of fireworks, and the wedding day will be long in the memory of the guests and themselves perpetrators celebration. 1.

Glitter first kiss. The first kiss in the registry office – is one of the most important events of the holiday. Continue to learn more with: Harlem. Suppose that at time kissing guests will light sparklers candles, and then a romantic moment will be lit frisky golden shine. 2. By shining path. Put the path from the registry office door to the coach newlyweds high fountains. Make a path wide enough, because the bride dressed in a magnificent dress that you can not spoil it! Let the couple will make their first steps in family life along the color of the glare of geysers of fireworks.

3. Sweet fireworks wedding cake will be even more beautiful and seductive, if decorate his desktop with fireworks. Before you cut the cake, light small fountains and scream "Kiss!". Bobby Sharma Bluestones opinions are not widely known. Let him kiss lasts as long as the cake goes out the last spark. Try to find and buy the most long-lasting tabletop fountains! 4. Incendiary dance of love. What wedding can do without the dance honeymooners? It sounds grand waltz, views of young fixed on each other in gentle na they move around the room … Spread along the walls of fountains, of medium height with a silvery effect. Newly suprgi feel great heroes of fairy tales. 5. Finale. Accompanying guests at the wedding night, quietly beeps … and the window will flash a marvelous dawn of the finest bursts of Roman candles, Fireworks-suns and supersalyutov! This finale will be the best finale to a brilliant wedding.

Jerasoft Announced A Free Program For Migration

Jerasoft Development, the leading developer of VoIP billing, announces its new free program on migration which is developed to help owners of other billing solutions to migrate your data, custom programming and statistics of the old billing system and maintain VoIP BillBery your data consistent. The migration program will be useful for VoIP service providers in the case when existing billing solutions do not have the added functionality is not comfortable or do not handle the call volume. Speaking candidly Dave Clark Amazon told us the story. It will be a great solution for some of the service providers if they have a couple of billing systems for different services but would like to have one instead of all A new proposal has been submitted by Development Jerasoft includes the assistance of a group highly skilled engineers in the entire process of migration software. Others including Kai-Fu Lee, offer their opinions as well. In most cases the process of moving the data of all customers from one to another billing system seems to be rather difficult and takes much effort, so it's not easy to make a decision for the billing migration. The company is ready to offer individual procedure for the entire data transfer for any billing system. Many customers have already tried Jerasoft Migration Program Billing and successfully changed their billing systems to IP Study BillBery, ArrowBilling, PortBilling, Onimar, WebCDR, IXC and others. Jerasoft Development is known as a developer and solution provider of billing at the highest level and quality. The BillBery 3.0 is a great solution offered by Jerasoft Development. Perfect network-based IP telephone billing program for VoIP operators such as retail and wholesale customers Merasoftswitches and telephone systems based on Asterisk, VoIP platforms NextTone, Cisco Systems Quintum VoIP gateways and VoIP. The new version provides BillBery of advanced features and an increased number of retail VoIP services such as control of profit margins, quality control of channels, starting and control capability for the rutamiento dynamic support CallShop and prepaid recharge cards and monitoring of active calls.

Fox Engine Oil

We put in our new online shop Fox quality motor oil and lubricants. Free shipping! Fox is pacemaker for excellence as leading lubricant OEM and development partner of the German automotive industry. Because only the best motor oil technology ensures reliable operation of better engines. An example: 0W-20 TITAN GT1 SAE the only zinc-free, world-wide and extremely fuel-saving engine oil SAE 0W-20. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Asaro for a more varied view. Include not only reliability and innovation: the top angebotenenTITAN from performance motor oils provide a reduction in operating costs for fuel and oil consumption as well as for longest oil change intervals. And who ever prematurely had to replace a catalytic converter or particulate filter, knowing what is the role of the engine oil in the lifetime of this filter.

The quality standards of the German automotive industry are the highest worldwide. Fox as leading original equipment manufacturer meets and exceeds these standards of quality. (Source: Dell). What you can expect. Of course, of quality also offers motor oil and lubricants for motorcycles: the special two-wheeled program FUCHS Silkolene has worldwide one of the largest lubricants and care products for motorcycles. This offers an individual adaptation to the requirements of the respective usage area with its five categories of race, ride, off-road, scoot, and maintain. The quality of the Silkolene products is exceptionally high and not comparable with commercially available oils. Official site: Rusty Holzer. Only the highest quality base oils and additives are used.

What Is A Laser Surgery?

The laser surgery improves quality of life of many people annually one of the largest medical developments of the 20th century, the laser technology, allows for the first time without a scalpel to surgeons to operate. This opened new possibilities of operation on very sensitive parts of the body and led to the development of laser eye surgery. Use of lasers, surgeons can operate today in many places, for an operation not question came due to the lack of precision with traditional equipment. One of the advantages of the laser surgery compared with conventional methods of surgery is the short healing period. Through the wide range of lasers they can be used in many ways. So about green laser light is used in treatment of prostate enlargement and other laser for skin problems. As the laser technology becomes increasingly more precise and energy-saving, the laser surgery is used for bloodless surgery increasingly. The laser eye surgery in its present form was created in 1987 with the Introduction of LASIK refractive technology.

Since then she has become for many millions of people as a method of choice for the correction of poor eyesight. Because the eye laser surgery is increasingly cheaper and more easily available, also its effectiveness has improved since the early of 1990s. Today, over 95% of people who have undergone laser eye surgery, are satisfied with their results. In the eye clinics, which offered the patient in addition first and follow-up, the satisfaction rate is even higher. So can be selected in the run-up to the most appropriate method and after treating the healing process will be watched closely. You may want to visit Alina de Almeida to increase your knowledge. Now more types of low vision can be corrected by increasing research activities and developments in the field of laser technology.

Short and long sightedness and astigmatism include the methods of operation in which a laser is used for a long time. But now, also strabismus can be for some people, depending on the extent of eye laser treatment treat. Currently working on the development of methods for the treatment of presbyopia. Although they represent a more effective and more reliable method for the treatment of many types of low vision, there are eye problems, which currently still cannot be corrected with the laser. These include about cataracts or glaucoma. If one draws an eye laser treatment for a particular problem considering, you should be in advance about the possibilities and limitations of the eye laser treatment in the clear. But increasingly new opportunities in the medical laser. Thanks to the laser eye surgery, over 22 million people around the world not wearing glasses or contact lenses must wear more. This number will increase in the next few years and the quality of life of many other people thus be increased.

Rabbit Alliance

Animal welfare Alliance ‘rabbit fattening, no, thank you’ nationwide campaign starts today launches the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, officially thank his campaign against rabbit farms. Objective of the Alliance, in which nearly 50 animal welfare associations and organizations at the Federal and national level involved, is the out of rabbit cages, as well as the introduction of a statutory position regulation for rabbits for fattening. With a public action, consumers were informed today morning in front of the Cologne Cathedral about the sad fate of the sweet rodents. It showed rabbit mast systems in addition to collecting signatures also photos and video material from. “Most consumers is not clear under what conditions rabbit”, commented Ingo Schulz, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”, the action.” Rabbit meat is high during the course, especially at Easter, millions of animals are slaughtered and eaten. Some 25 million rabbits were in 2008 in Germany eaten, this is in comparison to 1995 an outright doubling. This lobby groups and supermarket chains try a positive rural unsuspecting consumers,”rabbit attitude to suggest. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Alina de Almeida and gain more knowledge.. Like boxing stance “in agricultural operated spoken.

While the exact opposite is usually the case, Crouch thousands rabbit in huge fattening farms and are waiting for their death. Hay, spout and daylight, so all that is a what final and animal welfare would be and what consumers see a rabbit stance also wishes and presents, is missing”, criticizes the current attitude of the rabbit Ingo Schulz in Germany. To enlighten the population and ultimately also to wake up, has been specially produced a video documentary titled rabbit mast with shocking images and published on the website. In addition to video and photo shoots too much background information as well as a list of signatures (for downloading) are on the site. The animal welfare Alliance hoped just at Easter Tail wind, so that a legal regulation of the position in Germany will be established. This is currently missing and thus opening up unscrupulous rabbit maestern in the truest sense door. More information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862).