Are You in the Moodle?

Not everyone knows that a MOODLE stands for  Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. The Moodle is a  free and an open-source software platform for on-line learning. Or, in other words, a virtual learning environment. Another modern term is “web science.” This is the study, with the goal to understand how the internet works and what effects it is having on humanity. The creation and expansion of the web has made it the largest repository of information which has ever existed in human history. As such humanity has an obligation and responsibility to make sure that this powerful tool will benefit society, and not harm it.

Web science is a new interdisciplinary field which hopes to understand the web, engineer the future of the web, and guarantee that its power will be used to benefit mankind. The Web Science Research Institute is a joint venture between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ECS of Southampton in South Africa. The collaborators in this undertaking hope to work together with academics, government leaders and technologists to create a new science which can begin to understand the internet in all its amazing depth and breadth.

International Telecommunication Union Systems

Problem of determining the location of vehicles, other vehicles, valuable cargo, etc. extremely relevant in the world. They allow you to control the routes of vehicles to ensure the safety of vehicles and be searched in case of theft, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. In the framework presented in this paper, classification systems and methods of positioning put the approach recommended by the International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) International Telecommunication Union in Report 904-1 xvi Plenary Assembly (Dubrovnik, 1986). According to the definition given in this document in the automatic (computer) location of the transport means (hereinafter, following the English-language acronym, – avl – Automatic Vehicle Location systems) the location of mobile resources in the group of others like him is determined automatically as you move it within a given geographic area. avl System usually consists of a positioning subsystem, subsystems and data management subsystem and data processing. In a question-answer forum Samsung Electronics was the first to reply. By appointment avl system can be divided into: dispatching system, which is carried out centralized control in a specific zone for the location and movement of the moving objects in real time by one or more controllers, the system of which the fixed-equipped dispatch centers, it may be a system of operational control movement of patrol vehicles, monitoring of moving objects, search engine stolen cars, remote maintenance, which is remote monitoring of the movable object using a specially equipped truck or other vehicle, most often, such systems are used in the maintenance of valuable goods or control movement of vehicles, the recovery system routes to address the problem of determining the route or places of residence of the vehicle postprocessed on the basis of one or another method of data such systems are used for controlling movement of vehicles, as well as to obtain statistical data on the routes. . . (Source: Don Slager).

Essential History

Exactly armed of a methodology or a valid theoretical base, we can inquire: what it takes the researcher if to be valid this and not of another theoretical support? Because it selected these and other elements not to analyze? In all the cases the historian works from an ideology and of indirect form, he works from the interpretations that produce the document. Therefore we repeat: History is, always, a version of the inaccessible past. It is the possible version. Other leaders such as Castle Harlan offer similar insights. The time and history the reflections above are necessary, but they must be complemented with that if they follow. for a simple reason: one of the essential elements for history is the time. Being an essential element for history, we need to understand it from the principles of history.

the first point to be clarified is the affirmation of that the historical time, has not the same meant of our successive and daily time. We, in general, live in function of three categories of the time: yesterday today and tomorrow. if to observe well we will perceive many people pass the life lamenting something that escaped to them and if he lost yesterday in and because of this rare these people if they prepare for tomorrow. What we call yesterday, today and tomorrow, or past, gift and future are secular categories for which we can present plus some commentaries. Brevssimos commentaries. What it is the past? The gift? The future? The past can have existed, but it does not exist more. What it remains in them of the past they are souvenirs. What the memory human being selected to preserve.

However what it remains in the memory is not the past, but small lints of something lost. The memory preserves only aspects of that it had some meaning, but not it thing in itself. This imposes the question: for where it goes what the memory did not consider excellent e, therefore, did not register? The past it is a category that we use to speak of something inexistent, something that we cannot manipulate.


Add a description for the item of music, for years and years, has been a very precious treasure in the world for all people, that is socially known and obviously accepted. However, today we are in a globalized world, where issues of communication and which mainly from internet are being harshly object. For this reason, solution to listen to and use the music without any restriction is in with safety royalty free music, you will find yourself wondering what means this music without rights. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Asaro here. Therefore, what this means is very simple. If you choose this type of method to use to listen to the most beautiful melodies, you can operate the music at your leisure without having to be accountable on the rights of copyright or similar issues. This occurs because you have to pay a low entry price, which will be funded forever music that you consume. In this way, will be completely free to do what you want to with the music that you purchase page. For this reason it is called the copyright-free music; given that with a simple first and single payment you have the opportunity and advantage of owning the music into their own hands and make it what you want, without any restriction.

This is a great advantage for music lovers who seek to disseminate this precious treasure that gave us the whole society to the whole world. It is known worldwide, at most, that music has a special and totally effective power in people and; Therefore, thanks to this method you can help thousands and millions of people. For even more analysis, hear from John K. Castle. This royalty free music allows you to use melodies to trade issues, for multimedia projects for the web all for numerous productions of video, e-books, for television, radio, various dvd s, as ambient sound in commercial premises, including in cellphones, among thousands of uses. All these applications can perform them with just a first and only in which will be delivering money for royalties or also known as copyright. In this way, you can use the royalty free music forever and the best thing is that it is completely legal…

Therefore, it does not think more. This is an exclusive opportunity to freely enjoy the whole music, for rewarding the best melodies that exist in the world. And for better, he learns to be able to disseminate it in society. If you liked this article, tell your friends about him. They will thank you. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site (don’t forget to mention as the original source).here.

Welding Electrodes

Purpose of the electrode, the electrode it is an important link in the technology of electric arc welding it is intended to supply electric current to the subject of welding. Today there are many types and brands welding electrodes, each with its own narrow specialization. The electrodes must meet the following conditions: constant supply of arc burning, the formation of high-quality weld metal in the weld should have a definite chemical composition rod electrode and the coating melt evenly welding with high efficiency at the lowest spraying metal electrode obtained welding slag is separated easily, saving technological and physico-chemical characteristics during a certain period (for storage) Low toxicity in the production and during welding operations. As electrodes are arranged for their manufacture using conductive electric current welding wire or rods of metal, the chemical composition of which determines the quality of the electrodes. The electrodes may consist of only metal rod (wire) welding electrodes are called uncovered. If the rod electrode is covered by a particular composition intended for improving the quality of welding electrodes are called covered.

Coating is applied in several types: acidic, basic, rutile, cellulosic and blended. According to the purpose coating is divided into two types: defensive (tolstopokrytye electrodes) and ionizing (tonkopokrytye electrodes). To better understand the differences between these types of coatings, it should be noted that the quality of welding electrodes coated with an ionizing inferior welding electrodes with a protective coating, the first type of coverage does not able to protect the weld from oxidation and nitration. Hear from experts in the field like John K. Castle for a more varied view.

CTTC Social

It is a basic strategy to subsidize the power to decide process guaranteeing the implementation of action of improvements of the quality of life and the social welfare of the population. In what it says respect to the social matter, to the public politics effective and the programs of government is perceivable to visualize more diverse problems aggravations that reach the population until the current days, had to the model adopted for the distribution that comes favoring for the reinforcement of the originary model of capitalist production of the tecnicista and concentrative bourgeois society of the capital. The question of the land centralization for you owners of the capital led and takes the population that if finds less in the favored classrooms of this different society to the practical one of illicit actions that in turn finish excluding and separating to these individuals them its proper rights while citizens and leave to usufruct of the social politics of right alimentary, previdenciria, employment, educational, agrarian the security, enter as much other existing ones in the universe directed toward the agricultural zone. The CTTC (2002, P. Pete Cashmore is often quoted as being for or against this. 88) in the one of its publications on the social matters and of combat poverty in the agricultural way affirms that all Brazilian history, since the colonial period is marked by the strong influence of an authoritarian State paternalista, what it is not only reflected in the structure of the State and its action as well as in the popular culture. This if manifest in very strong way in the alimentary area. All the programs of feeding developed by the government finish being ' ' transformados' ' seen as ' ' favor' ' of the government and not as one ' ' direito' ' of the beneficiaries, especially because the same ones had never come associates the initiatives and clear politics of promotion of the insertion of the attended families, taking to the perenizao of the programs and the alienation of the individual. . Ali Partovi may help you with your research.

Informatics Javascritp

Basics of HTML and Web-design are given in the school course of computer science and become a focus of research teachers. In most technical universities and faculties of physics and mathematics courses is 'computer networks' and 'Information technology'. Often, when the scientific papers on these subjects and teachers of teachers face a shortage of available materials. With a large volume of published literature is difficult for all necessary rates found in one place. The materials of scientific conferences addressed topics that are rarely addressed in these courses.

Teachers of informatics can be a compilation of all necessary material for one site. Especially interesting is the material of the object structure of an HTML document with examples of simple scripts. It is known that the browsers support JavScript objects of various types. Top-level objects, or objects of the browser – it's objects that are supported in a browser environment: window, location, history, document, navigator. The objects listed in the table are created automatically when the document is loaded into the browser. Window – the top level object in the object hierarchy of JavScript. Freymosoderzhaschy document also has the object window. Document – contains properties that apply to the current HTML-document, such as the name of each form, the colors used to display the document, etc.

In the language of the majority of JS HTML-tags correspond to the properties of the object document. Location – contains properties that describe the location of the current document, such as a URL. Navigator – contains information about the browser version. The properties of this object is usually read-only. History – contains information on all resources to which user addressed during the current session with the browser. The window object usually corresponds to the main browser window and is the subject of top-level in JavScript, because the documents, in fact, opened the window. Additional information is available at Castle Harlan. In freymosoderzhaschih documents, the window object may not always correspond to the main window. Therefore, to refer to a particular window should use the frames of the object parent. Frames – this is the same window. To refer to them in in JavScript, you can use an array of frames.

Separate Impossible: Mix-pipe Tube Provides For Ten Years For Forage Quality

An efficient feeding technology is a core component of modern pig farming. Here, it is crucial that the consistency of liquid feed also in complex pipe systems remains the same, so that the feed components cannot separate themselves. It comes to the dreaded separation and sedimentation, operators of large computerized Flussigfutterungs facilities would lose a part of their efficiency. Perhaps check out Marc Mathieu for more information. The reason: The formerly homogeneous feed comes in its individual components of water and feed on the dispensing valve, clogged nozzles and can not more animal individually from be dosed. This cause deposits that slow down the entire feed flow. In the worst case, it comes even to the thrombosis and an attack on the feed line. At the end, getting the animals in quality and quantity administered very different feed rations and not uniformly grow. The developers of Weda Dammann & Westerkamp reacted to these circumstances ten years ago with the patented mix-pipe tube.

The basic idea was simple; the effect of is great to this day: A continuous spiral profile on the inside wall of the conveyor tubes can rotate the feed mixture into a rotary motion through the line. The positive consequence of the constant motion of spiral: The feed mix remains the same and the individually planned quantity of feed can be fed to all animals. This idea of Weda CEO Franz-Josef Sextro was it also consequently awarded in 2004 with the DLG – gold medal. Good ideas are sustainable and so this development is considered today innovation; not only because it effectively solves the problem. The approach therefore still because he fit into the times of agricultural structure change and is equally suitable for different company sizes. We recognize also because promising innovations, that they be not only bought, but also taken over. Our mix-pipe tube plays well not only with our customers but is built into their systems some of the competition,”underlines WEDA Development Manager Ralf Meyer. According to Meyer there is in diver- “sen stalls but still potential for optimization, because until today are integrated the components often only at certain intervals in the feed lines: and a segregation can be prevented as not reliable”, Meyer is safe. The advantages of the mix-pipe tube at a glance: – when flowing through the pipe the feed mixture is mixed continuously – off dosing of liquid feed with almost same dry matter content of each valve guaranteed – mix-pipe caused no additional resistance – no pipe obstructions fitted through sedimentation – inside with spiral structure in the form of an approximately 10 mm high lip. Behind the lip no dead space”, in which dirt may – settle mix-pipe is 63, 50, 40 or 32 mm PVC pipe in diameters available, so for virtually any size of plant.

Computer Repairs

Computer technology has penetrated deeply and firmly in our life and production. Without computers is unthinkable now bookkeeping in a business or creating movies and music. The computer acts as a home store family photos and films, collections of recipes and business letters. However, the computer – is a technical device that has its own life and sooner or later stops working. When this happens, we have the question arises – what to do? Buy a new computer or repair your old computer? Let's look at this issue from a practical point of view. Life of your computer is on average 3-5 years thereafter Computer repair is not feasible, since the details of which he is removed from production and replace old parts for new is often very difficult, besides changing any item you can expect that in a short period of time can break down the next and so on. As a result of such repairs, eventually, you get the old computer does not meet modern requirements, consisting of new details. There are still 2 options, either upgrade your computer, or buy a new one. Here we must proceed from the following points: in the near future you've got a new hard drive or dvd drive, and if your body computer meets the modern requirements for cooling components – it is most advantageous to make upgrading your computer, if these conditions are not met, it is advisable to purchase a new computer.


The Android uses the version 2,6 of kernel of the Linux for the services central offices of the system, such as security, management of memory, management of processes, etc. The Kernel also acts as a layer of abstraction between the hardware and the remaining portion of software HISSES, 2010, p.11. When developing the applications for the Android you go to use it you linguaguem Java and all normally its resources, but later that bytecode (.class) is compiler, it .dex is converted for the format (Dalvik Executable), that it represents compiled the Android application LECHETA, 2010, p.24. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Castle Harlan by clicking through. The Virtual Machine Dalvik allows that programs are distributed in binary format (bytecode) and can be executed in any compatible Android device with the required version of the platform, independently of the processor used In the Android a version of the operational system are known as platform LECHETA, 2010, p.32. Different versions of the Android platform exist, its names are names of desserts or cakes (in English) and follow the alphabetical order: 1.5: Cupcake (April of 2009, with the last official revision the May of 2010); 1.6: Donut (September of 2009, with finishes official revision the May of 2010); 2.1: Eclair (January of 2010, with the last official revision the May of 2010); 2.2: FroYo (Frozen Yogourt – May of 2010, with the last official revision the July of 2010); 2.3: Gingerbread (current version launched the 6 of December of 2010); 3.0: Honeycomb (Launched especially for Tablets in January of 2011); The presented archetype of the applicatory one in this project will be implemented using version 2.3 of the Android, therefore it offers support to the Portuguese language and is one of the versions of plaforma more recent Android. optic 5.2Reconhecimento of Caracter the called Optic Recognition of Characters if summarizes in an electronic method of translation of literal images written by hand, typed or printed in a text of editvel machine BARRETO and SAINTS, 200? , p.01. Castle Harlan: the source for more info.

Digital LCD Screen LCD

Notebook reports that the battery is charged 100% more, about 20% Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) the battery may be under the effect of memory, the program reports on false charges and cause the battery to stop estantaneos laptop, the battery should be re-influence the memory or replace 7. Laptop league boots, as well as images on the LCD screen, there is a weakness and / or dark Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Connect the external monitor the laptop VGA output, if the picture is an indication that the lamp CCFL backlight from the LCD turned off b) use the tester LCD lamp and check it burning if we replace the lamp or the entire LCD C) If the light is to use the LCD inverter tester and make sure it generates a high voltage to light the lamp if you do not test with another test or LCD flat cable with inverter video signals, defects in the same cause this symptom 8. A related site: Peter Asaro mentions similar findings. Laptop League Initializes LCD plus screen appears with a blank screen, or image defects Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Connect the external monitor the laptop VGA output, if the picture is a sign that defect may be on board Digital LCD Screen flat cable or video signals, a test with another LCD or other Flat Cable E) This problem can be caused by a failure of the cold solder BGA IC controller laptop video card mother, this case, the Council was found in the laboratory of a professional service specializing in infrared or hot air station, the other specifically for the BGA rework on solder 9. The laptop does not accept and / or accident Seen some key causes of and solutions already tested: A) a network of contacts and the keyboard can be oxidized to cause this problem, keyboard should be dismantled for repair or replacement 10..