Monthly Archives: December, 2010

Web Domain Search: Warnings Before You Buy Domains

Although I have chosen carefully and have verified the availability, if you're not careful your domain name may infringe certain laws. So if you have or are about to buy one, you could be in trouble without even knowing it yet. Some sellers may not tell you that the domain name you buy or you […]

Civil Society And Road Safety. Part Iii

While civil society becomes more important in the development of the life of a nation is no less true that the complexity of its structure, very heterogeneous, it is very vulnerable due to lack of funding, its value may be explained, given the situation discredited political parties, many politicians in the exercise of political power […]

Labour Studies

Beautiful women, simple, humble, obedient, kind, sensitive, martyrs who accept their own precarious condition and try to be happy about it. All this ideal contained in a single character, the poor woman in Mexico. That always helps is Catholic and who stands in his way, always without receiving anything in return, that is until a […]

Job Management

Scope, benefits and impacts management A good leader knows that having good teams manage knowledge properly ensure human capital, give way to that talent is revealed, that the members of the group feel good, taken into account fully identified with their commitment, their leaders and bring the best of the best of each. Given the […]