Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Resource Development Company

This trend continues. So according to the portal on these topics have 7-9% of all proposals. But the amount stated on the proposals on topics in Finance and audit "," Marketing "- 75, 56, respectively. Popular, and training on logistics. Thus, there is great interest in the so-called "Hard" skills. Of course, like […]

Working On Tomorrow

Bill Gates once traded a reliable legal profession (his father owned one of the most successful law firms in Washington, DC) on the unknown world 70-ies, specialty programming. And until now considered one of its most important success in life is that he failed to foresee the coming computer revolution and advance to prepare for […]

Team Conflicts

Currently, the situation has changed dramatically the development of childhood. Tense social, economic, demographic, ecological situation causes the increase of negative tendencies in the development of personality future generations. Among them particular concern progressive alienation, heightened anxiety, the spiritual disorientation of children, increasing their cruelty, aggressiveness, potential conflict. The most acute of these trends are […]

Dream Houses

How often do we dream of a cozy warm house, where nothing annoying: no color of the walls, nor the location of furniture, no bright lights, no noise, no other small details and more often, in an effort to make life more harmonious, we reflect on changing environment, reincarnation interior space. Practice shows that the […]