Monthly Archives: December, 2011

Petroleum Fuels

In connection with the depletion of oil reserves and increasing complexity of its production, much attention is paid to the use of alternative fuels for road transport non-petroleum origin. They can completely replace the fuel derived from petroleum, or serve as additives, reducing fuel consumption. Of greatest interest are the fuel in use that do […]

Home Renovations

The abundance of paint on the market from the buyer in the eyes dazzled, and the correct choice becomes a real problem. What do you choose at the start of renovation and finishing? To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to clearly define What qualities must have a particular material. The main purpose is to protect […]

Metals and Rust

In the presence of electrolyte anode surface rust is stronger than the cathode. All of these metals can be cathodic with respect to the metals, which are located above them. From this it follows that the metal coating, which are cathodic to the base metal may be used only in thick coatings that are deposited […]