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Raquel Valena

Still thus, many parents and fear it to professors. One of the reasons of the fear is related to myths spread out on aspects of the variety of the Internet that could negative influence the education of the norm standard, as the proliferation of abbreviations and the use of semioses. The proliferation of abbreviations, characteristic […]

Driving Skills

Important in the work of the driver are the motor skills. The process of formation of these skills is better understood than others. Under heavy traffic knowingly perform virtually all control actions impossible. Such a workload driver can perform only in the development of automated motor skills, physiological basis of which is a dynamic stereotype. […]

Technologies In The School

Summary Considering itself it school as space of conviviality, sport, culture, work in team, innovation and experimentation, the introduction of new technologies? in special the computer? it could not leave to be outside of this space. Forms to learn and to organize education very will be varied, aiming at to stimulate the cognitivo development, to […]