Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Human Sciences

The disciplines that study the objeto-objeto relationship, are those who study the biophysical level of the kosmos are physics, biology, geography. These Sciences cannot reach the human subjectivity since the human being is a subject and not an object. 2. Subject-object relationship. It is the relationship between human beings and the natural world. In this […]

Genfar Support

Based on the strategic guidelines of Genfar, an interdisciplinary team comprised of staff from the commercial area and Genfar and a group of Colombia Mind consulting, technology initiates the SalesLogix CRM system implementation project, in its components of sales and customer service. The main targets by the task force are: first goal: implement the system […]

Memory Pendrive

A flash drive memory is a unit of data storage that is characterized by using flash as storage system memory technology and connect to other devices via a USB port. Thanks to its small size, resistance to impacts, scratches and dust, absence of noise, large capacity and easy handling, memory flash drive has become the […]