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South Carolina

According to some reports, the eu could agree to a compromise, implying that the countries of Eastern Europe, an agreement on limiting emissions will come into force later than for wealthy Western European states. Recall that the summit will continue until December 12. Follow the news with On the island of St. Helena is […]

Industry Co Aircraft

In 1913, on the northern outskirts of Munich, Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, son of the inventor of internal combustion engine Nikolaus August Otto, create two small aircraft engine company. The outbreak of World War I at once brought numerous orders for engines for aircraft. Rapp and Otto decided to unite in an Avia factory. […]

Marketing And Sales

This is again a question of logic. Marketing – not an exact science. Yes and no science, but a practical discipline. Testing services to their widespread introduction has helped many companies to understand how these services are clients, as they claimed. This is another way to find out what your customers want. 3) Transparency of […]

Car Tuning

Tuning as a life style! Tuning – the dream of every motorist on the car of your dreams, embodied in a reality through the efforts and expertise of skilled craftsmen. Through tuning you can drastically change your car distinguish it from general traffic. Such a car – like a business card holder, indicating its style, […]