Monthly Archives: June, 2016

LLC Solutions

The Colombian economy continues to impress the world in difficult times, increasingly being more attractive. Furthermore, we believe that the Colombian market is still little attended. Peter Asaro often addresses the matter in his writings. The majority of international solutions are not adapting their products to the specific needs of its customers in Colombia and […]

SLX Information

We can attach files associated with meetings, phone calls, emails, notes and personal activities, e-mail messages sent through SLX also remain in history that stores such information as it was sent, with links, images, attachments, etc., which are embedded in the mail. For a better management of information we can eliminate manual processes and automate […]

Scientifically Based Research

With the aim of providing educators with scientific evidence on the educational effectiveness of the use of graphic organizers (OG), Inspiration Software company commissioned the Institute for the advancement of research in education (restricts, for its acronym in English) a meta study investigations in this field. Inspiration Software is the producer of Inspiration, one of […]

Contact Management

Anyone interested in learning more about CRM, can be found in (in Spanish) or (English) for those people who do not have a system so complete as SalesLogix CRM or other similar, can evaluate the use of what is known as management of contacts or Contact Management software. Today there is a sea of solutions […]


Of course! market research companies pay them to say what he really thinks about the products, services, advertising, manufacturers etc have been doing surveys for decades to find out what consumers want to buy. Microsoft became the world’s leading software provider, because asked its users what features they wanted in their software and then offered […]

Contact Center

Working in a Call center or Contact Center as Asellerator, seems an easy job, but it is not. Except that in the case of one of the old systems from the middle of the last century, which still exist in many places in the third world, which are only divisions forming cabins, with a phone […]

Web Hosting

The Web what is dedicated hosting? Dedicated hosting is a specialized type of hosting service that makes it possible to the user / client have full or almost full access to the server for use. This differs from a plan of shared hosting by not having the server resources divided between several clients. The customer […]

Indian Translator

When speaking of a global translator refers to several products that help to translate words or phrases from one language to another. Travelers are translators online that are useful on trips about everything when want to ask questions or ask for help, although the translator does not help in the interpretation of the answers unless […]