Monthly Archives: July, 2016

Michael Collins

During the flight, ‘Apollo 10’ was carried out while working out of those systems, but even at selenocentric orbit. Around this bay of the lunar astronauts to board close to the surface Moon away at 15 km. Consistent with the merits, then these experiments remain untested only operations moon landing and taking off almost her. […]

Began Google Broadband

As soon as January 28 of this year began the FCC’s 700 MHz spectrum auction. Several American multinational companies have already shown interest in buying this wireless transmission frequency. The purpose? one of them is broad scope for internet wireless connection. Already the FCC had shown interest in promoting competition in broadband supplying an alternative […]

Environmentalists Tushino Park

WWF hopes that soon the Baltic Sea ports are aware of the importance of the issue and will meet environmental organizations calling for construction at ports of recycling waste from cruise ships. Ants are predicting a cold winter Environmentalists Tushino Park analyzed the statistics on the increase in ant hills of the forest area and […]