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Sysob Download

Workshop for existing partners and new customers Munich/Sunnyvale, CA., October 24, 2011 Meru Networks, provider of virtualized, wireless 802.11 network solutions for companies (, interested with the sysob IT distribution invites on Wednesday, the 9/11, to the seminar ‘Wi Fi’. The event in the Maritim Hotel Frankfurt/Main is aimed at resellers and end users, existing […]

Cash Management

PLAN Strategic Plan when we make a journey, and we have not planned it well, going for example with excess baggage that we have reduced the possibilities of space for other things, we have a higher cost of gasoline, perhaps more stress, possible greater fatigue and more importantly: does not enjoy the journey itself passing […]

Executive Vice President

Press release 02/12-Resort: enterprise software/administration of Augsburg, 7 February 2012. The baramundi software AG, specializing in client and server management software solutions, can look back on a successful business year in 2011. As in the previous years, turnover and profit increased. The increase in turnover compared to the previous year amounted to about 25 percent. […]

Home Pizza – Fast, Tasty And Inexpensive !

Different variations on the theme of pizza there are countless. This is not surprising, because the pizza – it's fast and delicious dinner that will satisfy both adults and children. Before you run to the store for the semis, read the recipe given below. They are quite simple, and you'll be in the firm belief […]

Paint Metal Technology

More recently, the idea of painting the metal surfaces with a water-dispersion paints seemed utopian. The most common of the metals – iron rapidly oxidizes in the presence of water, and then water-emulsion paint. Conventional water-dispersion paints, of course, are not suitable for this purpose. In this case, need specialized materials that form a dense […]

Basil Seedlings

Information on this technique found in a previous post seedlings or direct sowing: Finally, if you want to plant new things, should be regarded as if it must be planted in the definitive site or farming in a small bowl, you can begin to take greater care, protect from the weather and select from a […]

Parts Of Agricultural Machinery And Equipment

Modern agricultural production is inextricably linked to the use and operation of intensive tillage equipment, respectively, increases the demand for spare parts for tillage equipment. K spare parts include the chisel plow, plow blade, lancet paw, moldboard, landside. Desire to improve the productivity of agricultural machinery, to date, resulted in the creation of economical and […]

Latin Proverbs

Potius sero quam nunquam Livy? Collection of national proverbs and sayings bright displays life, manners, customs and other peculiarities of the people who created them. But there is another level as 'winged', ie, passing from mouth to mouth expressions that differ from proverbs and sayings that they are quotes dating back to a specific literary […]