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It was one serious irresponsibility, given the gravity of the situation. Thus the chief of a main directorate described as Protection Civil and Emergencias, C. Abenza the fact that lamentably 70% of the vehicles that circulated day 26 /12 did not take chains. Little self-criticism: if the recognition is excepted that made Navarrese of which […]

Development Process

The story of the self-adhesive labels is pretty old. Self adhesive labels in the past and present the procedures and the opportunities have changed is as expected. However, the intention is almost similar. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. Adhesive labels are suitable for the award and advertising. Labels were comparatively low in […]

Carrying Out Personnel

(Inspired by the power of now of Eckhart Tolle) Our minds, prodigious tool we could have allied in the conquest of any goal or desire, has become a destructive artifact that attentive constantly against the achievement of those goals, dreams or desires. The internal dialogue of the mind has taken control, due to our false […]

Spectator Mexico Player

Much of the success of the media products depends on the connection between the characters and viewers. In the case of video games, users must also identify with the characters.For some reason, almost all the Mexican characters from video games belong to a fighting title as King of the Tekken series (with everything and that […]

Brief Overview Of Sony Ericsson X10 Xperia

The first and most functional smartphone – Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson. In the presence of a huge display, powerful hardware and software, built-in camera with high resolution, an attractive user interface and all at an adequate price. This is the flagship model in the current lineup Sony Ericsson, let's look into it intently. What we […]