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Spitzer Detects The Largest Ring Of Saturn

The new zone extends across the entire Saturn system, and its orbit is tilted at an angle of 27 degrees to the plane of the main rings of Saturn. Mass of a substance that forms a ring starts at a distance of about six million kilometers (3.7 million miles) from the planet and extends outward […]

Amazing Science

Now the camera laboca saboca and get to work, using the general theory of relativity in order to look keen eye on the most prolific birthplace of stars in very distant galaxy (and besides, very, very old). How galaxies evolve – it is one of the most challenging, interesting and attractive problems in modern astronomy. […]


1 _ Which the main characteristics of modernity? The etimologia of modern seems to be the Latin adverb ' ' modo' ' , that it means ' ' right now ' ' , ' ' in this instante' ' , ' ' in momento' ' , therefore assigning what in them he is contemporary, and […]


Now, when the picture is less clear, provided that the seti are actively searching, which would prevent them from finding us? Assuming that their technologies are developed very strongly, they can search use various spectroscopic and other methods that would determine not only the planets around other stars, but also traces of civilization (for example, […]

Technology Work

It highly needs to be compromised and serious, therefore it goes to work with many information, many confidential data, of great responsibilities and that even though it can place its proper career at risk. In recent years, the evolution of the Technology of the Information, with the competitiveness of the economy, compelled the professional if […]

Deutsche Welle

There are other evidences existence of a cosmic “min.” In 1990, Deutsche Welle reported that when 40 years ago in the north west of Yakutia began nuclear testing, one of them in power was incomparable to any other (instead of 20-30 Mm “Estimated” 10 kt “). Explosion recorded all seismic stations around the world. The […]


You don’t need to be religious to know that the world is approaching the end of the world and with so many concerns, pressures and problems that we have human beings we forget that there is a possible Apocalypse, the year 2012 has gone unnoticed in our radar. However, many believe that all these things […]

Eyelash Extension Mink

And his name these technologies have received because of the similarity of cilia obtained from wool of these animals. Thus, we can safely say that eyelash mink and sable contra-no, except for individual intolerances used artificial materials. So, what is the difference between these technologies eyelash extensions, and what advantages of each? According to feedback […]

ITVM Stand Terminals

Visitors can stand terminals and clients extensively inform themselves departure plans, safety training, tourist information about important things there are many things for which the ITVM stand terminals are ideally suited. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information. This is digital displays, which is equipped with a special, tailored perfectly to the needs software. At the […]

Science Geographical Specialist

To travel the nearly 10 km. that separates the valleys of San Vicente Vinales and take a road where you can see beautiful scenery, including high mountains which separate the two valleys, which are crossed by a narrow gorge where the road is built. In the high walls of the gorge can be seen the […]