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Jennifer Bentz: Just Get Along (Eden Books)

Study – internship – hospital: A true story the story: after studying the almost thirty-year academic starts an internship. Determined she strives for a permanent position. Her ambition is not rewarded: trying to give of their best, ends in the diagnosis of “Burn Out”. Tiptoe through the tulips, the autobiographical colored book tells of the […]


Cash-plus and IT service net a cooperation deal June 15, 2011. The service provider IT service NET and cash-plus cash register monitoring thus enter a mutually complementary relationship. Cash-plus supplemented its service network to more 60 partners faster and more professional fund traders and their customers if service is required to support”explained Walter C. Further […]

Leucemias CMF

Introduction. The leucemias are heterogeneous groups of hematolgicas neoplasias that result of the total or partial mutation of the blsticas cells. The classifications used for these neoplasias obey morphologic, citoqumicos, imunofenotpicos and citogenticos the criteria. Acute the Mielide Leukemia (LMA) is an illness of fast progression being this predominant the leucemic type in the aged […]

Japanese Restaurants

Japanese "Tanuki" for the night owls, it is convenient nowadays midnight metropolitan life does not stop for a minute. Film premieres, fashion shows and presentations – at nighters all these activities often end up only with the coming of dawn. And it takes time for socializing with friends, shopping and delicious meal. When all the […]

IT Cluster Upper Franconia

Board member Peter Muller from Bamberg enters retirement Bamberg / Selb, 29.03.2011. The Assembly confirmed Claus Huttner, Managing Director of BI-LOG Service Group GmbH from Bamberg, as Chairman. New Deputy Chairman is Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of the addict / / dacor GmbH in Coburg. Peter Muller, the former Deputy Chairman, retires. Other members of […]

Organized Labor

The easiest thing in life is to require actions and decisions in other people, many times we affirm, do not did do it this way?, it was easy do it!, look to such person!, etc. No doubt that criticize others is a task that it has no difficulty, but we ask, this attitude did really […]

New Building Of The Scientology Church In Moscow

New Moscow Scientology church with an area of over 6,000 square meters to meet the needs for the growing parish of the new building of the Scientology Church Moscow is located directly in the Centre of the garden ring, about 1600 metres from red square. The religious head of the Scientology religion, David Miscavige, conducted […]

On To The Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest In Munich

Do not miss the opportunity, to amaze your customers and partners with Oktoberfest promotional items the big day has come. Crown Prince Ludwig with Princess Therese are married for five days. The wedding took place on October 12. All servants and maids are busy today on October 17. s of America on most websites. The […]

Holtzbrinck Order

World vision and donations raffle helps children from developing exclusively for the theatrical release of jungle child”filming the life story of Sabine Kuegler, on the 14 a special action began, which came to an end on the 30th and a great result both for the relief organization world vision as lucky subscribers for […]

Nursing Care

The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim the special circumstances and needs of sovereign people devoted to palliative care. It is under the motto quality of life over quantity of life”and focuses on life & style how to make the last phase of life of terminally patients. Mannheim care team informed the content of nursing […]