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The competition are been present in the Rap from its beginnings, being celebrated organized competitions or improvised between MCs to demonstrate who is the best one. These battles of rap in Spanish have gained much fame from the opening of films like 8 Miles carried out by rapero Eminem. At present competitions of rap exist […]


Contextualization of the beekeeping and its importance for the environment Beekeeping ‘ ‘ it is the creation of bees (mellifera Apis) in confinement under control of the man, lodged in artificial beehives, using developed methods and equipment better to explore the natural capacities of these insetos’ ‘ (Wig et al., 2002). An excellent alternative for […]


The second distortion of trade spread is the following: "You have to pay double commissions when trading spreads." Yes! You have to pay two fees for each extension you enter in the market. So what? You are negotiating two contracts instead of one. You pay two commissions, as they are negotiating two separate contracts, one […]

Bathroom Furniture Modern Bathroom

The modern bathroom is no longer as simple functional unit considered. The bathroom today is increasingly perceived as well-being space and wellness oasis. Bathroom furniture are becoming increasingly popular in establishing a bath. One plays a major role in the design and appearance. On the other hand is respected but also in increasing measure on […]

Eggplant Stuffed With Rice And Spinach

Eating healthy is very important, so we should, at least once a week, enjoy a plate of vegetables. We will explain how to make a simple, yet very nutritious dish. In some we find a very similar dish. Continue to learn more with: Energy Capital Partners. This dish will be prepared for up to 4 […]

Assurance Pension

Personnes qui ont travaillé toute une vie, pour sauvegarder une certaine qualité de vie aussi à l’âge. Vous devez compter non seulement sur les pensions légales d’assurance. Il est recommandé dès que privés à fournir. Ces dernières années, assurance retraite privée acquis beaucoup d’importance à travers les découpes permanentes dans le secteur public. Assurance pension […]

Better To Work In The Office !

There are always new ways to make office work more effectively and better. The great German Internet portal presents everything you need to know to office work and to improve everyday. also in the office is: One can not know everything – but if you know where to find knowledge, the office work […]


meetyoo acquires southern tevia GmbH Berlin/Munich Conference Service 03.12.2010. The meetyoo conferencing GmbH takes over at the turn of the year the services for telephone conferences and of the Suddeutsche conferencing provider conferencing tevia. Last week, the contract was signed with the alongside the tevia customers to meetyoo is also the technical infrastructure, as […]

I Confess: I Was A Snorer, Sleep Apnea

On German roads on the way: Microsleep on the A1 between Munster and Lotte Osnabruck with my 30 ton the sleep apnea syndrome is a sleep-related breathing disorder. The affected exists during nightly sleep to a decrease in breathing and a decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the blood. As a result, the patients […]

Pilates and Fitness

It is very common that after a few Pilates classes, students commented that they are sleeping well, that the gut and circulation are functioning better and even friends have commented that they are different, with more available, said Alice Becker, President Pilates Physio Company and the forerunner of the Pilates Method in Brazil. If done […]