The wise people know that the objective or it puts are not as important as the process. Of the process is the true accomplishment although it is easier to say the one than to accept it. When we include/understand our destiny we realize that the objective is not to obtain something; but to live it. The way of the accomplishment is integral and it fortifies different atmospheres from our life slowly. Its acceleration is useless because the majority of the human beings we lived in societies focused in the control and our liberation of the agreements is slow. To work either during 80 hours to the week in our mission of does not approach us to life our dream.

Nobody can represent a paper 24 hours the day, is necessary to stop being the mask to renew to us and to be able to re-invent to us continuously. Some suggestions for which they want or they have begun to follow his dreams are the following: Firstly there are no magical prescriptions, neither books, nor gurs that says exactly to us that it is needed for a personal intention. They can ayudarte, but the life will be in charge of recordarte that the solutions of long term are in you. We must accept that the change of " ser" it is a slow process and for many painful because we are in favor conditional of the education of our parents and the society in which we lived. People able exist to free themselves of the agreements, but few those obtain that it in just a short time. Of there the reason that only some cheer up to follow their own way. It is not necessary to try to change to our dear beings or to convince those that our way is the best one and that by such reason they have to follow it or to support to us unconditionally.

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