Christmas Trees

It is because of the strength experts especially recommend gluing them to the new homes. The walls in the new house, as you know, 'shrink', and long enough, a few years, sometimes even appear bumps and cracks. So, non-woven wallpaper based in this case not only will not tear, but also in some sense will keep the crack will not let her go farther. True, they have a 'harmful': they should be dealt very carefully. The fact that the relief (foamed vinyl) is in principle possible to scrape off even with a fingernail, not to mention a touch heavy furniture. Therefore, they must necessarily paint, while the upper layer becomes much stronger. Interestingly, in the rolls of non-woven wallpaper burn and tear, just like everyone else. Special strength, resistance to abrasion and moisture, they acquire only after stickers and coloring.

Glass wall under the painting produced by a completely different technology. They consist of glass fiber yarns that are produced from silica sand, soda, dolomite and lime. Such a coating during the manufacturing process connected with the paper-based. Material is produced with different density and structure, with beautiful textures, reliefs and ornaments. Glass fiber have a number of valuable qualities, among them note the decorative and the ability to correct minor imperfections of the walls. To improve fire safety glass is treated with special impregnation, the composition of its manufacturers have kept secret. Steklooboi are smooth and embossed, with interwoven strands simulates various textures and drawings: 'mat', 'Christmas Tree', 'spider', 'diamonds' and before you glue the glass-wallpaper, is recommended to cover the wall surface latex primer neutral color.

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