Contact Management

Anyone interested in learning more about CRM, can be found in (in Spanish) or (English) for those people who do not have a system so complete as SalesLogix CRM or other similar, can evaluate the use of what is known as management of contacts or Contact Management software. Today there is a sea of solutions on different platforms. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. The best known for his years in the market, generally to purchase and install on your computer. The newest are those that are contracted as a service and are used 100% online. I eventually used a tool called excellent ACT (). It is the most popular worldwide contact management system. An excellent alternative for independent sellers or companies having a commercial force between 1 to 5 vendors. It is necessary to install it on vendors or enterprise computers.

Another alternative is to use a contacts Manager online (work 100% connected to the Internet). There are so many options that I think is more illustrative to you to read the following site of online Contact Management systems assessment: (English) the recommendation on this topic is that you, as a professional seller, must have an information system that allows you to have a database of all your contacts (prospects and clients) and achieve documenting a 360 customer view (i.e.and have all the relevant information from the points of interaction of the customer with your company). Collaborative sales although the concept itself, don’t think it is novel, today is better structured and can count on software tools to give more shape to this important element of consultative selling. When they achieve a high level of rapport with the client or with some strategic prospects, creates a very useful space for co – create. Is that it is a word such as strange, but its meaning is to create a solution to the needs of the customer jointly with the prospect or client using as a basis the products or services of your company.

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