Dream Houses

How often do we dream of a cozy warm house, where nothing annoying: no color of the walls, nor the location of furniture, no bright lights, no noise, no other small details and more often, in an effort to make life more harmonious, we reflect on changing environment, reincarnation interior space. Practice shows that the desire to make your home comfortable, beautiful and functional it is human always. For the sake of their goals are translated into Reality wildest design ideas, creating a new aesthetic space, a new understanding of life. Design has always been and remains the focus of a person, as evidenced by the diversity of styles and their variations. Classicism, Romanticism, Art-Nouveau (Nouveau) Neomodern, Art-Deco, Minimalist, Baroque, Antiquity, Hi-Tek, Techno-Art – that they are far from complete list of current and still art currents. However, it is just possible to argue that ready-made solutions for the formation of the new interior of the dwelling is not and can not be. In each case, in addition to style, deeply thought out all the details of the project, developed three-dimensional composition selected finishing materials, furniture and equipment.

Deserves special attention and design essential today, "helpers in the home – appliances, heating and sanitary appliances. These units have become an integral part of our homes. Therefore, their shape, color, dimensions are as important criteria for choosing the reliability, efficiency and ease of management. Heated beautiful Take, for example, the same radiators. The most important aspect of motivating to think about replacing such devices – is design.

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