GODADDY Combine Efforts

The Group of activists for freedom and against censorship ANONYMOUS and GODADDY vulnerability research group have decided to unite their efforts and talent in a joint operation that have dubbed as operation Anti-Security, or in Spanish, operation Anti-Seguridad. This happens after having been refuted by both groups the supposed war between the two, and what better way to prove it that unite their competencies in the above operation. By GODADDY has issued a statement in naval terms in which it is said that GODADDY flotilla has joined their ships by ANONYMOUS, in order to maximize the ability of Anti-sec operation The main objective of the operation is the declassification of documents classified by the Governments, understanding declassification as theft or leakage of such information. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dermot McCormack by clicking through. Operation organizers encourage participants to include the word Anti-Sec on Government web sites and banks, and even to make painted in buildings of such institutions. It seems that it is coming a new wave of attacks that will test once more the information security of several institutions and agencies around the world. Audea security of the information Department of Management Manuel Diaz. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

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