Human BioSciences Issues Bond

Biotech company produces collagen-based wound dressings exclusively in Europe. Berlin issues an industry bond with a total volume of EUR 15 million in September 2008 – the biotech company human BioSciences GmbH. The collagen bond interest rate is”at 7.25 percent per year. The bonds will be repaid after five years. The subscription period ends on October 31 2008. any natural or legal person is authorized to sign. The minimum investment amount is 1000 euro as well as the denomination. There is no a maximum limit to the total output volume of 15 million euros. Continue to learn more with: Viacom.

Neither fee nor a premium collected at the time of purchase. The interest rate of 7.25 percent is also the effective interest rate. The bond in the full amount is repaid on 30 June 2013. The interest rate of 7.25 percent is paid out annually. The loan has been approved by BAFin. The settlement assumes the Quirin Bank Berlin. BioSciences travel would like to create the bond human for any necessary additional investment. In addition, the company wants to be independent of already concluded loan agreements.

BioSciences human set the financial framework necessary for the business even before the issue of the bond. It consists of an investment contract with an Indian business group over ten million euro imprest equity and loan agreements with banks and business groups. In addition, human BioSciences expected funds from the regional economic development. The human BioSciences GmbH will manufacture at the location Luckenwalde collagen-containing wound care products for the European market. The necessary license for a special collagen technology was acquired exclusively for Europe from a US company. The first year production is manufactured on the location Luckenwalde, is already sold out. This was possible through a contract with a leading distributor. This agreement already covers 60 percent of plan sales in the next five years. Current and relevant for the bond information BioSciences human regularly publishes on the Internet under. On this site the prospectus can be downloaded, all business backgrounds, contains data and planning of human BioSciences. About Jucho & Coll: Jucho & Coll German industrial bonds is one of the leading consulting companies for the planning, design and implementation of debt financing. The company headquartered in Berlin cooperates closely with renowned banking institutions and is a strategic partner of Morison international. Jucho & Coll’s customers include companies from the aerospace industry, the real estate industry, branded goods manufacturers and media companies. Jucho & Coll has assisted in the design and implementation of equipment financing also German Bundesliga: last Alemmania Achen on the financing of the new Tivoli Stadium. Press contact: brand gold PR GmbH Marcus Drost 10781 Berlin Tel. +49(0)30 21 Gleditschstrasse 46 91 59 60 E-Mail:

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