Infotainment System

High levels of satisfaction among patients and clinicians Hamburg. January 2012 (pkl). The ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH is one of the TOP providers of telematics industry and earned this test victory just like winning the Telematics Awards 2011 on the care + homecare in Leipzig. The House clinic at Castle Park confirmed the decision of the independent jury of award now also and indicates that ClinicAll convinced not only technically but also in contact with their customers. The reason to install such a system, especially the patients was. They spend an average of 20 days in the hospital and want to deal not only with the TV and books in her room.

The Internet has a tremendous significance and it is therefore understandable that patients want to refrain during the hospital stay not. House clinic at Castle Park also responded to this demand”and opted for the technology of the company ClinicAll. Patients enjoy Internet, radio and TV the patient not only appears on the new large monitors in the Internet, running TV and radio about. Still a kind environment indicator should deliver fast the patient addresses and details of local shops of all kinds. ClinicAll proved very sociable and cooperative”, explains Managing Director of Justice. So, ClinicAll integrated information about the clinic and its services that patients can retrieve at any time.

Interest is also on dates for lectures or expert opinions on medical issues, as well as in the dining plans. This information can be obtained about the infotainment system now at any time. System is characterised by a high level of user friendliness 68 patient rooms, as well as the visitors Board were equipped with the Infotainment System. Installation work began in mid-November and nearly a month later the system was already. The first feedback of patients has been consistently positive. Initially, Joachim Hof worried that patients might might have difficulties to get used to the new technology.

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