Instruments Electronic

With the invention of magnetic tape players began to appear Bobbin coil forms, then cassette recorders. Advances in laser technology have allowed to acquire high-quality audio recording on laser discs. Particular attention should be given to such modern notions as electronic music and VSTi (vst Instruments), where the recording is sound and it plays perfectly fit, enhancing and complementing one another. Starting from the 60th years of xx century, the technical process improvement makes it possible to hit the electronics almost in all areas of employment and human creativity. Is no exception, and music.

Special opportunity to make sound recordings and, based on creating new music on the same device, allowed to make a breakthrough in the expansion of mass electronic music – the creation of a synthesizer. In the 70th years of the company Moog produced polyphonic synthesizer, and later the people beheld small in size but with great potential apparatus, which gave the sound and saves it to the internal memory for later use. Synthesizers new generation of already owned the stock in its computer chips and software that made it possible to create electronic music, even nonprofessionals. The use of special software or vst – plug-in provided an opportunity to recreate and record on a computer or synthesizer sounds of diverse musical instruments, so-called VSTi (virtual Instruments). This allowed much of at least modest conditions, not the level of the recording studio, electronic music form, imposing special sound effects on the sound of virtual musical instruments. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for creators of music, sometimes even without musical literacy and musical notation, you can write a normal electronic remixes of popular songs.

Enough just to write music and using VSTi add club sound and sound effects. Remixes have become a very popular destination of musical creativity among young people, bribing primarily for its simplicity and accessibility. Of course, if viewed from a professional point of view, it is possible for a long time debating whether the electronic music is true art. However, at all times, music was divided into two main areas: the soul and body. And it is the second direction corresponds to the electronic music as well as possible, because its task is not to offend a person of strong feelings and not allow to feel the harmony with the universe, although for some fans of electronic music and Such feelings are. Electronic music – it’s primarily music for entertainment. We can only guess what new features for recording will give us the future, but chances of this are already providing easy tremendous opportunities for the creation of each person.

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