Kevlar Players

But as a negative, tennis rackets minnows are less manageable and provide less control. The balance, together with the weight determines the inertia of the tennis racquets. Two rackets can have the same swingweight despite having different weights and that inertia can be offset by the balance of the racket. Stiffness : a rigid tennis rackets, power as well, give directional control. However, the rigidity is a feature that will increase the vibrations transmitted to the racquet arm of tennis. a The very flexible tennis racquets have less power and that the framework tends to beat back at the moment of impact but better absorb vibrations. Classification of tennis racquets under the swingweight: Swing small and slow: tennis rackets are lightweight (240-260g), wide screen (100-125 in2), balance high (32-36cm) wide and standard profile open. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro . These rackets provide a great power with very little effort.

Ideal for experienced players looking for maximum comfort. They are usually high-end shoe with the quality of their materials. Swing medium: are intermediate parameters, weight (260-295g), filter (95-110 in2), balance (31-34cm), etc. They are the most used rackets. Because of its great versatility to suit a wide range of players, beginners, club players, competition at lower levels, etc. Range may be low, medium or high depending on the materials of which they are made. Swing long, fast: they are heavy tennis racquets (300-340g), small screen (90-100in2), low balance (30-32cm) and narrow profile. They provide power, control and accuracy necessary for competition.

Tennis rackets are usually mid-range and high. Classification a tennis rackets according to the range: Low Range : tennis rackets are made mostly of aluminum or fusion with other materials. Used by very occasional players. Prices range from 40 to 60 euros. Midrange these rackets are made of quality materials such as graphite and fiberglass. They are suitable for training players, players club, etc.. Their prices range between 60 and 130 euros. High Range: what differentiates this type of tennis rackets are the materials and technologies they use. Alloys are composed of high quality materials, Graphite, Titanium, Carbon, Kevlar, etc. They use the latest technology developed by the leading manufacturers of tennis rackets, Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, Tecnifibre, etc. This kind of rackets are suitable for anyone looking to find the best performance. There are tennis racquets swing high-end short, medium and long.

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