Kiichiro Toyoda

The first car "Toyota" In 1930, there has been a decline in production of textiles, production of which dealt with the future first 'Toyota'. Office of the textile company was transferred to Kiichiro Toyoda. He decided to refocus the company on domestic market and do the release of other products. The best opportunities seen him in car production, despite the fact that the Japanese car market is practically non-existent. Already in 1934, was created by gasoline motor 'Type A'. The engine was mounted on trucks and passenger car G1 'Model A1'.

In 1936 saw the release of the first production passenger car "Toyota". Its name – 'Model AA'. The four-door sedan with a 6-cylinder 3,389 cm3 capacity of 65 hp Shape of the car similar to the 'Chrysler Eyrflou' 1934 release. 'One-eye' truck first pancake in the new case was not a lump as trucks used in great demand. In 1937, automobile production was separated from the parent company of textile and got the name 'Toyota Motor'. Production of trucks grew, but primarily to produce cars for the military. And they needed, above all, cheapest car. And the military got it! Following the approach to life, called kaizen – continuous improvement, which followed more Toyoda, father of the founder of 'Toyota' – led to the fact that the trucks savings were set for a single lamp! Of course, the military order does not give idle production, but inhibited the development of research. Conveyor Tayichi It definitely help in postwar reconstruction Japanese industry provided the United States.

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