Labour Studies

Beautiful women, simple, humble, obedient, kind, sensitive, martyrs who accept their own precarious condition and try to be happy about it. All this ideal contained in a single character, the poor woman in Mexico. That always helps is Catholic and who stands in his way, always without receiving anything in return, that is until a chance encounter is the love of her life and gives a forceful change of status. These stories are forging the idea that struggles, that in spite of their social status is happy and thankful to God, who are involved with friends and faithful and loving family, which stands in a context of modest houses in neighborhoods precarious but united. Yacas this exist? Finally we find the currently prevailing systems, capitalism and globalization imply an acceleration in productivity, this requires a large number of people in direct contact with the means of production. In contrast, they are not directly remunerated by the product they created, they are subject to schedules which determine their wages, always precarious. For the manufacture of a product involves less expense to a certain company, this is worth hiring cheap labor in third world countries.

Working conditions for these people are miserable as the hours to which they adhere and the salary they receive. There is an acceptance by the owners of production, workers and by us as consumers. There will always be the poor person need to maintain the system, but the boundary line to the lower class will continue to expand even more, which means a huge change in social structure. With a culture mass consumption and growing stronger with the presence of products in the market to excessive delays and increasing layoffs continuing, social stratification Composing high-class finish and a large mass. As for the media, these will be intensified by the growing consumer culture, so their role in society will become, more than any other time, a encantadora minds, will be responsible for Dough further promote growing mass of people. As for his particular way of showing poverty in society, this seems already to have fallen in the minds of many individuals who share this predilection for dreaming, wishing and do nothing. Returning to the dismissals, the lack of jobs and increased poverty that this implies, the growth of slums will be enormous, which will promote their already common impoverishment.

The latter will lead to greater exclusion potentialized will turn the weak participation of generations with an individualism and a culture of every man for himself quite entrenched. This prevailing culture will continue to fuel the electoral returns assume that social problems, followed by a passive management and unpunished. Apparently, as it is today, effective programs, the actual payments will be in the hands of foundations and activists.

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