Liquid Modernity

It is certain to affirm that nor always new generations appear, therefore, one ' ' (…) new style of generation can appear each year, each thirty, each one hundred years. ' ' This ' ' (…) it depends entirely on the desencadeadora action of the social and cultural process. ' ' (they idem) As this ticket can occur significant variations that are the ones that we are witnessing currently, ' ' (…) the young of the current generation comes if forming, if constructing as social actors of very different form of the previous generations, in a change of times and space of socialization (…). ' ' (they ibidem) This modification takes in them to believe that we are ahead of a new moment, of a different form of society, a society one in such a way ' ' imprevisvel' '. It is the presence of this logic that takes Parents (2003) to characterize this generation as ' ' ioi' ' , in a rich metaphor that translates the idea of the capricious life of the current generations well.? Still, on the basis of Parents, we can thus to say that it is a capricious generation, that does not aim at the stability, but yes the instability. The constant changes in its lives are had as something very natural. However, he is not only this author whom if it relates to this generation as being a capricious generation. Baumann (2001, p.169) also is mentioned in its book, the Liquid Modernity, that this generation substitutes one old mentality for a new mentality, (…) is the new mentality of ' ' short prazo' ' , that it substituted of ' ' long prazo' '. Marriages ' ' until the death in separe' ' they are decidedly old-fashioned and if they had become a rarity: the partners do not wait more life much time together.

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