In Lithuania, for its almost thousand years, history will not find interesting city of Kaunas. It is interesting not only for its history and architecture, but also the legends of its origin. But the legends better should start from a distance. (Similarly see: Sandra Akmansoy). Naturally, like any city, Kaunas is unthinkable without his country, and every country – not its people. Check with Pete Cashmore to learn more. About the emergence of the people themselves have the Lithuanians there is a legend. In ancient Rome, where, at that time, the rules of the emperor and tyrant Nero, lived a noble man named Palemon. Nero differed bad temper and once burned Rome, but in order to see how the fire burns. For even more opinions, read materials from Pete Cashmore.

Nobody could guarantee that he was not at the whim of the tyrant, to go today jail or be thrown to be devoured by dogs (a favorite amusement of Nero), it is not his wife will be brutally murdered and burned property, together with relatives. Whatever you say, the situation is not so. And, of course, not everyone decided to stay in city. One such person was Palemon. He and a few very wealthy Romans fled: went on a ship in the Mediterranean. They sailed a long time, and, finally, left the Baltic Sea. They continued their swimming up the river Neman, and where it flowed into the river Dubas, they went ashore. Located between two rivers was very convenient: all around there were beautiful forest. The rivers were many fish, but in the hearts were full of animals.

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