Lorienne S.A. published the latest version of your unique solution for the production of quality Cartographies. Berlin, 24.02.2012 – available immediately, the new version of LorikSoftware 4.0 for delivery after thorough testing. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. The version is 4.0 as a 32 bit and a 64 bit version available. To improve the performance when processing large amounts of data and to distribute the computing power, processor cores and/or multiple processors can use the LorikGISMapper and LorikDigital! In addition, a new arrangement of the modules goes hand in hand with version 4.0. Important, but not all users need features, are now available as AddOns so that we can tailor the software licensing optimally to your needs. Also waiting Lorik 4.0 with interesting new features that allow high-quality cartographic products even easier to create.

Contours and relief maps directly from digital elevation models can be calculated with the current version. The caption of the contour lines is automatically, following the course of the line or in the direction of reading with the usual crop options. New is also available at the area fills. Radial, linear, and following the form of the gradient can be applied, to fill spaces or lines to represent. Improved the behavior of land filled with symbols. Cut icons can automatically be masked so that only complete icons in areas. A dialogue helps the inclusion of raster images from OGC mapping services now to make the necessary settings. Embedded raster images can be saved with relative paths and ECW and JPEG2000 a color images can be transparently defined as.

Also the generalization functions have been expanded. The ‘ free extremities handling’ removes all open ends of a network to facilitate it. The Toolbox task ‘ symbol and creation text on surfaces center’ allows surfaces by single symbols with or without replacing text.

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