Marie Vell –

The new single of Marie Vell – in front of you is that paradise is not to touch this woman: sings, dances, write their own songs, joined her celebrity hotel on Mallorca already in several TV films, and managed for years successfully. Marie Vell is what is commonly called multi talent. Now, at the age of 59 years, but the attractive artist wants to meet up again a long-cherished dream – the crack in the charts. “After she successfully advance presented a first album last year, she boasts now a new single, which thoroughly radiates hit power before you is paradise” is a potential radio hit in first grade. None other than Christian Geller has written him. Those successful producer, which successfully the German Schlager scene at the controls has directed the entire elite above all the indestructible Heino.

Last not least, Fabian Zimmermann gave the finishing touches for Marie Vells really exceptionally successful sound project. Listen to can but also the second song he comes from their current lavishly produced album there comes a time”, for which she had written seven of the eleven pop jewels themselves. “” “Including the musical highlight: because there comes a time”, so the title was also brought by a very established producers on the band: Joschi denier among other things for his successful work for flippers “, the”shepherds”and bad boys blue” known. And how it feel, as a seasoned woman once again that of pop chicks dominated show world to dive into? I’m on it, let it come all on me. Because prove I have nothing”, she laughs. “And continues: I feel comfortable in my skin, and as agile as ever”. So she turned off parallel even an elaborate video for publication and some TV shows are already in the planning. In this sense, ears and eyes: Marie Vell now! Source: Hans those / 7us media group GmbH for further information: contact: heart 7, a label of Sevenus Media Group GmbH Declan of Daly 7us media Group GmbH Alfred-Karcher-Strasse 10 D-71364 Winnenden Germany Tel.

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