Introduction In the current days, much has been said on formation of new professors, mainly of Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry to supply the existing lack in Brazil. They is esteem that it today lacks 200 a thousand professors for average education. The problem if still more becomes dramatical when analyzing the increasing one in the number of pupils in basic and average education, therefore the formation of professors does not follow such growth. To try to minimize, temporarily this problem, the MEC authorizes, pupils of licenciatura to be lecionarem, provoking an education on this side of that it would have to be promoted, fact this that will go to reflect directly on the formation of the student, making it difficult its access to superior education. Dell Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. These and other questions contribute for the evasion of the pupil when it enters the graduation. It is still distinguished, the fragility in the formation of the identity of permitting, that, when initiating precociously in the docncia, for not yet having a solid pedagogical base to act in the teaching he is subject to imperfections that can determine the construction of its teaching identity.

In this direction, will be that valley the penalty to inside place them of classroom before the time? What he has been made for these academics? Which the future of these professors? This made with that the government came back its eyes toward those that are searching formation for the teaching. Programs as the PIBID/CAPES half had been found to contribute for the best formation of professors and to diminish the tax of evasion in curs of licenciaturas. As Pepper (2005, 19), citing Donald Shn: ‘ ‘ The formation more if does not give in the molds of a normative resume that first presents science, later its application and finally a period of training that assumes the application for the pupils of the professional knowledge technician.

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