Modular Houses

Attic and terraces have always been a fixture of country estates. But in recent years in fashion include winter gardens. There are new architectural solutions: large-scale window openings with panoramic windows, creating the effect of volume, portal – a parallel-glazed sliding design. For all of these elements requires non-standard windows. Here, pvc – out of competition. Plastic frame can be given almost any shape.

Hi-tech manufacturing allows you to create the most incredible options at minimum cost. Price of the issue price of wooden houses without a finishes can vary from 2,5 to 15 thousand rubles per m2. If not treated at all cost options that differ poor quality and durability no more than 30-40 years, then the optimal solution can be found in the range of 5-10 thousand rubles per m2. Naturally, the cost of structural components should be commensurate with the cost of the box. Illustration of this can be an example of window designs.

The cost of wooden windows depends on wood species. What makes it more valuable (oak, ash, larch, etc.) – the higher the price. Today box made of wood costs about 12000-20000. per m2, while the window is made of pvc is now worth an average of 4,500 rub./m2. Thus, we can state that the windows of pvc profiles – on the whole more justifiable choice, because they cost much better fit in the estimates for the construction of wooden houses. There are other possibilities to optimize the cost of the house. For example, the log area of 200-250 m2 in terms of cost per square meter a little bit cheaper than the same house area of 150-200 m2. This is because the volume of timber used for such a change in the area increases marginally. Significant costs and requires a complex roof structure due to the fact that we have to use constituent elements, and in special cases – metal beams, special details of conjugation, etc. Calculate the costs and transportation costs: it may be custom homes in the company with a higher initial cost materials, but situated geographically more advantageous in the end cheaper. Speaking of cost optimization, we can not mention the foundation. As mentioned earlier in this article, log, logs are Modular Houses do not need a massive base. Keep in mind that different companies offer different models of supply of finished homes. Price of the set depends on the quality of these materials, namely so most manufacturers of wooden houses distinguish basic and full kits or different classes of basic supplies (such as 'economy', 'standard', 'business', 'elites'). In any case, the construction should proceed, just having on hand a detailed estimate. Wooden houses have all the necessary qualities to qualify in the near future to mass adoption and significant market share of individual housing construction. Cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, high rates of construction, comfort and aesthetics – this is not a complete list of advantages of such housing. Modern building materials and technologies allow to further enhance attractive wooden buildings, making them quite modern, eco-friendly and accessible to families with an average budget. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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