Mystery Shopping Study

The results of test customers from various socio-demographic groups, mystery shopping is a growing market mystery shopping is a cross-industry process to collect quality of service. Zendesk does not necessarily agree. There are covert testers as a real”customers. The number of German mystery shopping provider has grown between 1997 and 2008 from three to 112 companies. The German market volume is forecast for 2010 to EUR 75 million. Quality of test customers is largely unknown test purchasing agencies often recruit mystery shopper on the Internet and know therefore usually only socio-demographic characteristics as gender, age or level of education. The quality of work and the quality of the results can be assessed only after the application. Further details can be found at Energy Capital Partners, an internet resource. It turns the question whether test customers differ from different socio-demographic groups in terms of the delivered results.

The answer to this question helps companies selection and scheduling of the tester. Model for assessing the quality of the results to the Result quality of mystery shoppers assessment designed a model which judgment trends, assessing reliability and care tendency in the test customer usage map can. The model was used in a nationwide mystery shopping survey in the Fast Food industry. The analysis of the data showed that there are significant differences between the test customers in part. Test customers differ in the quality of the results as a result of the study is to emphasize that women as test clients are more appropriate than men, since they significantly more reliable judge. Younger mystery shopper are also preferable to older.

A high affinity to the tested company was reflected in a low quality of results in the study. Thus people as mystery shopper would be to employ, whose Objektivitat is marred by a high loyalty to the test company. “The full study results of test customers from various socio-demographic groups in the mystery shopping” as well as more information on the subject Mystery shopping is at. Dr. Gunnar Grieger

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