Natural Sciences

The apparent resume results in such a way in differences of planned experiences of learning, as of not planned or not explained experiences of learning, that compose the latent resume. The latent resume if discloses, in the action, nor always congruente with the express intentions in the theoretical resume. To a large extent of the pertaining to school resumes in what it says respect to the biology education is in developing the capacity to think logical and critically, the reality of a directive, authoritarian education, where all the initiative and chance of quarrel them pupils are forbidden, will indicate that in the truth it is only desired to transmit conhecimentos' ' (KRASILCHIK, 2004) He has much time, Scientists, psychologists and Educators try to explain as the learning of sciences transcorre and through constructions of different accepted and adopted theories a time, work can be based of the professor on classroom. These theories, on the truth if base on comments and experiences that they aim at to search elements. The objective is to foresee the behavior of the students and, therefore, to guide the teaching activities. It has controversas on the different theories that admit some conceptions of learning (KRASILCHIK, 2004).

In the decade of 1970, the national project of the military dictatorship that was in the power was to modernize and to develop the Country. For more information see Peter Asaro . In that period he was stipulated that the education of sciences was considered important component for the preparation of a qualitative set of workers, as was stipulated in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, promulgated in 1971 (KRASILCHIK, 2004). In the end of the years of 1990, the Ministry of the Education produced and spread out the national curricular parameters for basic education considering that ' ' Paper of Natural Sciences, is to place for the understanding of the world and its transformations, being pointed out the man as individual participativo and integrant part of universo' ' (PCN, 2001).

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