As a football star unites the Nations since Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal is heard again more Dutch players names in the German Bundesliga. The currently best-known players from the country of the Tulip is the 26 year old Arjen Robben. Mikkel Svane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The news portal chose him with the help of its readers to the star of the 2009/10 season and met him to talk now. The midfielder Arjen Robben can boast of more than 50 missions in the Dutch national team and is also defining master player at Bayern Munich. He didn’t expect but its success in this form, so the father of two, all the happier he was, that he could present especially in the strong second half of last season.

But also the successful Robben suffered already defeats: the final trauma of the Oranje at the World Cup in South Africa and the lost Champions League finals against Inter Milan resent the success-drenched seals. Get all the facts and insights with Energy Capital Partners London, another great source of information. His World Cup insert for the national team of the Netherlands remained for Bavaria Munich not without consequences: due to injury from the World Cup dress rehearsal against Hungary, seals must pause now. A fact which ensures displeasure on the Bavarian side, she accuses the wrong treatment of the player but the Dutch team of doctors. Yet the new Munich the relationship between Germans and Dutch dissolved, he himself would have pleased to be able to play, so Arjen Robben in the World Cup final against Germany. He feels very much at home in Munich and know information from Dutch fans of Bavaria the best proof for living Volkerverstandigung.Weitere: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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