One Gets Loose Of The Belief Of The Errors And Rightnesss

When we hear to speak for the first time in personal evolution, immediately we are intent to search one more meaning come back toward our experience. When we take the knowledge of that it is yes possible to sairmos of our current condition to walk for a condition which we find to be the ideal in our lives immediately appear thoughts that reflect our real nature interior. Many of the times, or to be more accurate, most of the time, all our negative thoughts that we have are fruits of the conclusions of our passed experiences, that is, since the day where we are born our brain it functions as an advanced Hard Disk (hard disk) of computer with a significant difference, we cannot pure and simply deletar an archive (souvenir). Therefore, all our experience badly succeeded finishes generating in our mind a code that we call error. some experiences that the society understands as positive finishes generating a code that we call rightness. In the affective life we call errnea form all experience badly occurred of error, and in result of this we slowly kill inside of us the ability of if readjusting to a new reality. The errors and rightnesss are fruits of the cognition human being, that is, they are inventions of the mind human being, and in the life, of ampler form it does not have errors and rightnesss, it has yes experiences that shape our character.

Therefore it does not matter what they had made with you, what matters for the world is what you go to make in virtue of this. Why to have fear to make a mistake? Why to have the obsession of only making right? The life is a very complex phenomenon you to desire to only summarize its existence and attitudes in errors and rightnesss. If to involve, to test in practises its certainties, to know to take off advantage of an experience that was not successful, this everything shapes its character of positive form. You cannot have fear to make a mistake, because erra who does not only make thing some. When you are an emotionally intelligent person you you in such a way add values to its character after experiences well occurred, how much after experiences badly succeeded.

An interesting example is how much a person is possible to grow in character and knowledge after an experience badly succeeded. It has a case of my knowledge that dates of has one year almost where somebody was become involved in an affective experience that was not successful. However the learning of this person was significant of time that instead of focusing the pain of the loss and the frustration not to have obtained to see its plans to give certain, this person learned that each event in the life is only, and if had fast a failure, does not have what if to despair because in the following morning the world comes back to turn in a rhythm that you of the all the possible conditions you to recommence, with the advantage of you to know what it does not have to be made by one second time. Yours truly; Hudson Sander Point of the Loves

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