Biological Phenomena

Ideas fundamental of the positive philosophy of Comte: To – the law of the three states; according to Comte the human thought has happened through three states: the 1) theological one (in which the phenomena are explained, by the intervention of supernatural forces), 2) the metaphysician (the phenomena are explained by the intervention of abstract forces), and 3) the positive (in which the men resign to explain the intimate essence of the phenomena and they limit themselves to find his laws). B- Classification of sciences; Comte classifies sciences to show the unit of the human thought. In the classification he makes only enter only theoretical sciences, because the practices are classified according to the theoretical ones and within the theoretical ones, to the abstract ones, because the concrete ones follow the classification of the abstract ones. Fundamental abstract sciences are: mathematical, astronomy, physics, chemistry, Biology, sociology; this one classification is based on a double criterion: logical historical. Logical criterion: the first classifications are simplest, most general and most abstract. The last ones are most complex, less general and most concrete. The classification follows an origin of decreasing majority and increasing complexity.

The study of the most complex phenomena, supposes already constituted the study of simplest. So that the physics can become a science, it is precise that astronima has been constituted before. Continue to learn more with: Charles Koch. Historical criterion: sciences are placed in the order of their entrance to the positive state. If there is cienias fundamental that they are those that we enumerated, it is because there are six orders of different phenomena. If there is a chemical science different from a physical science, is because the chemical phenomena have characters differentiate that them from the physical phenomena and that make of them a different order of phenomena. Each order has own characteristics and require without damages to lean in the others, certain concepts or own ideas.

The Noblest

The objective of my article, it is to bring back to consciousness to that has the opportunity to read to me, of the value that has all human life; of the decisive and noble role that the woman in the transmission of the existence plays; to bring back to consciousness it of which, to who takes not what takes within its belly, is not its own body simply is lodged in him and therefore, it does not have the right minor to decide on a life that is not the own one; of the irremediable damage that of by life would be made same thus, to attempt against the innocent creature who she herself has created; of which illuminating that new being, it justifies his own reason of being like woman, who is the noblest mission and the culmination of the privilege with which she equipped the nature to it. Really, because the death only means destruction, once more, I want to transmit a positive message of love, faith, strength and hope. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the oppressive and arbitrary existence of yet progresismo that persecutes the profit of an amorphous society, by means of the de-personalisation of the individual, the elimination of you and I, what of exceptional entail these concepts; the suppression of husband and woman, replacing it by spouse and B. Gain insight and clarity with Viacom. Starting off of this principle, in the important act of the procreation, no longer we will be father and mother, but ancestor To and B. Really we are realizing gravity deep that constitutes this perversion of the language and to where us can lead this dehumanization in the future, if we got to accept it like something normal and daily? Among others many consequences, if over the years, this form to think catches in the society, takes place an empty desensitizer will lead that us to the anything, with capacity to infect it everything, which it will allow the State, the adueamiento of the fundamental rights of the human being, becoming absolute and manipulating Sir of bodies and you bring back to consciousness, last aim of the laicista totalitarianism. .. For assistance, try visiting Koch.

New Checklist: Social Media For SMEs

How you can find out whether social media is worth for your company. Social media is all the rage. Advocates see the new miracle weapon in social media to outflank competitors. Critics point to the increasing reports of gigantic social media flops. For small and medium-sized enterprises a mad situation, when he is to decide whether his company uses social media. With the new WMC checklist managers in SMEs can restrict the benefits of social media for your company better.

The use of social media is a strategic decision of great importance. A social media engagement at all can work, a high human and financial cost must be connected, leading in the long term in the operation of an independent social media department or hiring a social media agency. There are currently no evidence or investigations about, that this effort really pays off. Objective basis for decision-making are more than poor. WMC has therefore the Checklist drawn up by social media, also for laymen decision to make, whether is worth the effort for the use of social media. The checklist contains 20 statements to the most important success factors in the use of social media in enterprises.

Each statement can be answered for the company with “Right” or “wrong” or “no idea”. With each answer “not true” increases the risk of the flop. Over 50% of the statements with “wrong” or “I don’t know” answer, then the usage should be reviewed thoroughly by social media. Measures of social media marketing (SMM), group of potential new customers on the Internet will be addressed, which can not be reached through the traditional channels. To do this, digital media and technologies used, which allow users to interact with each other and create media content. In contrast to the classical marketing offered completed information to the consumer as a monologue by the target groups, which tried social media Marketing, to involve the consumers through social interaction in a dialog.

International Energy

“International networking is here in the foreground,” confirmed Rohm. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Viacom on most websites. If plants, machinery, components and technologies for maintenance and reactivation of existing the RENEXPO Austria covers the entire spectrum of the hydropower industry. A hydroelectric power Center with joint stand of the European associations of hydroelectric power, which includes also a magazine stand and a hydro-electric power exhibitors Forum awaits visitors in this exhibition area. The “international water exhibition” is supported hydropower Association (ESHA), by the Association of small hydropower plants in Austria, by the association among others by the European small hydropower plants in Bayern e.V. and the Alpine hydropower Association. A hotel service the valuable networking opportunities and synergies extensively to be able to take advantage of trade fair and Congress, is offered as a special bonus for the hydropower industry, which enables to meet outside the fair and valuable Contacts.

3. “International small hydropower Conference: new construction, renovation and revitalization” in cooperation with the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) traditionally supplemented the exhibition focus. The Conference is one of the most important events of the international small hydro-power. Important topics are among others current power plant concepts, environmental policies, new unloading sand er concepts as well as planning and financing this year. International speakers from Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and Lithuania are represented at the Congress and exchange the latest knowledge of the industry. 3. International Energy RENEXPO Austria is the only fair in Austria, which picks up on a such a large variety of energy topics. You covers the entire bandwidth of decentralised energy generation, intelligent energy distribution and efficient use of energy.

European Union

The economic crisis is having serious consequences in labour causing a rapid increase of the unemployment rate, which reached double the average rate of unemployment in the countries of the European Union, so that many people wondered how to find work, in Spain and there are all kinds of theories about the evolution of the work in these moments of crisis. To see how we can better cope with the problem, indicated more is to try and understand how it has come to this situation, and for that we must go back to the Decade of the 1990s to analyze the two phenomena that have taken place and that have caused this situation. Firstly, the process of globalization that got its start at the end of the Decade of the nineties and secondly, the global financial crisis of 2008 that preceded the current economic crisis. (Source: Castle Harlan). In terms of the globalization process, this wine marked by the emergence of new technologies of communication and information (ICT), mobile phone (e) Internet marked a revolution in the field of communications unlimited distances, and by the relative ease for transporting goods and people, allowing you to experiment with new forms of production, placing production plants in places other than those where distant points of consumption and strategic decisions. That way, the world of work has suffered profound transformations in most developed countries, that mark the passage from an industrial economy to an economy essentially focused on services and technological innovation. Thanks to the technological innovations the world of work is enriched with new careers while others disappear, and this is the great challenge presented to the Spanish society at the moment. The transition underway involves a job step characterized by a strong functional dependence to a more independent work, in which the worker will have more opportunities to develop their creativity, logical consequence of its greater commitment, It will be your pay will increase, thus opening up a wide range of new professions with a very promising future.

The Possibility

The project region eMIS goes”then initiated. This means that the DWH was created with a new technological component for ad-hoc or analysis area by means of a specific OLAP cube design for the query, then using standard tools to retrieve data (MS Excel 2007 with direct connection to the DWH). The advantage of the selected technology was clearly obvious: it had to be purchased no new BI tools. The existing potential of already licensed MS analysis services could be fully exploited, as well the training effort decreases immensely. The aim of the project was the role in the works of the data supplier”to the data user to repent and to raise potential in generating relevant and complex reports and evaluations. After the successful tests in the area designed the cube with shopping, financial and production data. In the perspective of production was Emphasis was placed on the long-term observation of facts. For assistance, try visiting technology investor. For example, benchmarks towards other countries/regions.

Sample question: What is the workload of a particular machine type in all regions over different periods? Another major objective of the initiative was the improvement of the quality of data in the source systems, the MIS include feeds from which, as mass data can be made now better visible. A step was made through these measures away from traditional data processing and to the use of information and interpretation, so a qualitative improvement of controlling activities. Specific questions could be answered through the use of OLAP technology within a few minutes, which previously would have required hours for the compilation. Complex questions can be answered by the user even today always flexible and individually, even if the data volume is very large. Since BI also processes supported, more projects have been launched. This in turn became the BI tool arcplan used in combination with the SQL database, in particular due to its flexible design and the possibility of entering data.

Infiniti Fx35 2009

Infiniti FX35 is a Class SUV. Educate yourself with thoughts from Viacom. This car is perfect combination of sporty character and appearance, functionality and comfort. The new model 2009 is equipped with a 3.5-liter 24-valve V-twin gasoline engine. He has a capacity of 303 hp at 6,800 rev / min. Fuel for this engine is in city cycle – 16.1 liters, and on the track – 12.3 liters. Castle Harlan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The power unit is working with 7-speed automatic gearbox transmission. In addition, it is possible to change gears manually, which is especially helpful when driving around town. Exterior of the car remain almost unchanged, but the car a few "grown up".

Now, its dimensions are: length – 4803 cm, width – 1925 cm, H – 1674 cm, wheelbase – 2850 cm ground clearance – 193 cm Model 2009 is available in two versions – FX35 and FX35 AWD. Standard equipment is impressive car – anti-lock brakes (ABS) on all 4 wheels, brake distribution efforts (EBD), traction control (TCS), Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), power steering, anti-glare rearview mirror, active head restraints for all seats, alloy wheels, 8-Spoke R20, front airbags for driver and front passenger, side airbags for driver and passenger airbags in the roof to the front and rear passengers protection in side doors, seat belts Security (3 points), cruise control, climate control with microfiltration and rear-blowing, central locking, speed-sensitive vehicle on-board computer with LCD-display (8 inches), shows the details of audio controls, climate, rear view monitor, navigation system, DVD, monitor the vision of the entire space around the car, 8 driver's seat adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, 8 passenger seat adjustments, climate control front seats, and more. Trim Infiniti FX35 is striking in its variety of species that will certainly attract a lot of customers who appreciate in-car comfort, functionality and modernity. Infiniti FX35 2009 is an excellent combination of functionality, sporty nature, quality and modernity and will please its owner an excellent bundle.

Professional Code

As in the case of the "Panther", the Fuehrer from the outset claimed to be the godfather of the future of the tank. Just at a time when the commission of the Office of the Wehrmacht reviews the producers of projects, including upgraded versions of tanks, cc 3601 (H) and the Professional Code 3601 (P), Hitler set his personal wishes for the future design of the tank. As conceived by Hitler, "Breakthrough tank" was supposed to combine the all the advantages of a perfect fighting machine – have a powerful weapon, strong armor and maneuverability, and the maximum speed it should be at least 40km / h. In March 1942, Henschel and Son ag presented a prototype that takes into account all the wishes of the Fuhrer. Mikkel Svanes opinions are not widely known. A new project of the Professional Code 4501 (H) was calculated under the tank variant of 88-mm anti-aircraft gun Pak 36. Hitler was delighted by this idea, because by the time the pac 36 has already to establish itself not only as an excellent anti-aircraft, but also a powerful anti-tank gun. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Castle Harlan. Management of weapons Army nevertheless regarded the idea of 'Henschel & Son ag very skeptical, fearing -tainty design, and continued to insist on equipping the tank lighter gun. As a result, developers have reached an impasse, the output of which was the creation of two completely different types of towers. Company Krupp has created a prototype of the tower by 88-mm gun, and "Rheinmetall-Borsig has developed a lightweight version of a 75-mm cannon rcmp TS/70 42 with a barrel 70 calibers.

Opening Future Revenue Streams Through Real Time Convergent Charging

Seizing Africa s new vistas of business opportunities in telecoms Paderborn (Germany), 13 September 2011: tough climate and new challenges are familiar to operators around the world, but for many players in the MEA region there are additional challenges to compete with. Increasing competition and a drastically changing market environment are forcing operators to consider new strategies. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, enables profitable business for operators while achieving competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Providing solutions that meet unique requirements operator may be threatened by low ARPUs and increasing competition in many rural parts of Africa and the Middle East combined with the need to cover areas that offer almost no return on investment. Still the total number of mobile connections in Africa is increasing, making the African telecom sector a vibrant and dynamic growth market that can prove itself profitable.

The challenge for operators is to meet the requirements with innovative real time solutions as well as network management that provide priority services to the 82 + million mobile users in Africa. This technology empowers operators to focus on their network expansion in areas of greatest need. IT based real time technology is the key convergent charging, intelligent subscriber policies and the utilization of IT-based real time technology can help operators to innovate and reduce time-to-market while increasing profitability and monetizing new business opportunities. ORGA Systems’ real-time charging solution uni-FIES advanced charging scenarios for all services across all subscriber segment on one single platform. This enables faster launch of new and differentiating services with real time capabilities for all: prepaid, postpaid, hybrid and corporate subscribers. * Meet Orga systems at the NGT Africa from Sept 13th Sept 15th taking place at the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, South Africa, and learn more about convergent charging and real time IT on Sept. 14th during the keynote discussion panel. ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions and energy suppliers.

ORGA Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 350 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams.

Paragraph Traffic

And how else can understand when it is done by young people. They are hoping to speed its response. Fans of "run" before the machine does not think that it is currently experiencing a driver in driving. He can not calculate nor your movement speed or trajectory. So, that still need to think and spend a couple of minutes to walk to the nearest pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. But when you see how my grandmother runs, based on Badika, lame, trying to do, it becomes unbearably sad and completely incomprehensible, she really hopes to overtake the car? A mother with children? Think about it, you run the risk of intolerable greater than the time. Many writers such as technology investor offer more in-depth analysis. How long does it to get to the pedestrian? Two minutes? Three? Life is precious. It is that it took care of …

this situation should, of course, to fight: to increase penalties to preventive conversations, some pedestrians do not even know elementary duties. And of course, still influenced by the lack of controlled transitions, in places where they really need each day in the area, traffic police officers, there are about 145 cases of traffic violations by pedestrians. Castle Harlan can aid you in your search for knowledge. According to the rules of the road Movement: Paragraph 4.3. Pedestrians should cross the roadway at pedestrian crossings, including the underground and overground, but in their absence – at the intersections of lines of sidewalks or curbs. In the absence of a line of sight junction or intersection allowed to cross at right angles to the edge of the roadway in areas without a dividing line and the fence where it is easily visible in both directions. 4.4. In places where the movement regulated, pedestrians should be guided by signals or pedestrian traffic regulator, and in his absence – vehicle lights.

4.5. In unregulated pedestrian crossings pedestrians can enter the roadway after taking the distance of approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition will be safe for them. When crossing the roadway outside the pedestrian crossing, pedestrians, in addition, shall not interfere with vehicular traffic in and out of the vehicle is a obstacle that restricts visibility, without making sure there is no approaching traffic. 4.6. After leaving the roadway, pedestrians should not linger or stop, if it is not related to the safety movement. Pedestrians who failed to complete the transition must stay on the line separating traffic flows in opposite directions. Continue the transition can only be convinced of the safety of further movement and the light traffic light (regulator).