This speed is needed, for example, a casino, where the factor of fraud is very high. If a parameter is specified speed, for example, 100k / s – this means that the recorder writes with rate of 100 frames per system. If dvr has 4 channels, 100 frames, we divide by 4 and get 25 frames per channel, if the dvr 8-channel, 100 frame, we divide by 8 channels and get 12.5 frames per channel, so does a 16 – channel dvr. Quality of the recording – dvr can record in different quality (resolution) – D1 or 4CIF (704×576), cif (352×288), D1 / 2 or 2CIF (704×288). These parameters indicate with any resolution (quality) will be recorded and reproduced image. The higher the score, the better the picture will be. This rate should be viewed with the previous (the number of frames), as much videregistratory have the opportunity to choose both the number of frames and recording quality. Filed under: Peter Asaro. With the improvement of quality records, usually reduces the number of personnel records.

Compression (compression format) – compression technology reduces the amount of redundant information in the video stream, which provides efficient transmission and storage digital video. Special algorithms for encoding and decoding (codec) compress the original data and reproduce the result of compression without losing quality. The most common format is H.264, MPEG4, mjepeg. At this point in the market H.264 is increasingly being used – this is the last of the developed formats. Creating H.264 video compression technology is a big step forward for many industries. Compared with mjpeg and MPEG4, H.264 format efficiency above 80 and 50% respectively. This allows the user to economize on the use of system resources and improve the quality of the video for a given data rate. Number of video / audio output – the number of outputs can connected in parallel across multiple monitors. The index is determined depending on the model. It is mainly used a single output. So the situation is with audio outputs. vga – an opportunity to connect to the dvr Monitor (A standard computer monitor) through the vga connector. For almost all video recorders are available with this connector. As easier to connect a computer monitor, which is as pravelo cheaper and more affordable professional monitor surveillance. hdd (hard disk, hard disk) – This parameter takes into account three factors at once: the first – the amount of hard disk memory, the second – the number of drives that can be installed in the dvr, the third – connector hdd. Basically, use the ide and sata. DVRs with sata connectors surely displace similar models with connectors ide, as the hdd c ide connectors is almost no longer produced. RJ-45, network, tcp / ip, dhcp, ddnc, ddns – the ability to work the dvr over the network and / or via the Internet. With this function you can watch, manage, view, write to the Internet from anywhere in the world. Duplex, triplex, Pentaplex – a characteristic which defines the capabilities of the dvr simultaneously with multiple tasks. Pentaplex – the last and most advanced version. With its user can simultaneously view real-time, record, playback, backup Copy and remote management. ptz – camera control from a distance, approximation of removal, the turning function.

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