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On the Linq to Sql One of the most promising technologies that have emerged recently in the programming world. Net, of course, is the Linq to Sql. From now on for. Net developers no longer need to mix your own code with sql commands inside programs to access database objects. Now access data in databases can be performed using, the language in which specialized programmer (C #, vb.Net). Learn more on the subject from Steve Wozniak. Even more than that! Using Linq to Sql can uniformly apply to all iterative data sources: databases, xml, various collections, etc. And in addition to all of you get a verification code at compile-time, full integration with Visual Studio, which provides many advantages: IntelliSense, the designer of a database model, autogeneration code to model, etc. Nothing is perfect but, despite all the advantages of technology linq to sql, its use in the real number of large projects is difficult problems.

When using linq to sql in the project will certainly be used by such component Visual Studio, like linq to sql Classes. And the complexity of this component is that it be kept in synchronized with the structure of a real database. Option synchronization linq to sql Classes and database structure by hand is not considered in mind the high probability of errors and a huge effort. Nevertheless, the need to always contain linq to sql Classes in sync with database structure is very serious, because in the process of software development and linq to sql Classes, and the structure of the database is often subject to change. Database Restyle – Library solve the problem of transport changes from linq to sql Classes in the database structure to support linq to sql Classes in sync with database structure, Perpetuum Software llc has developed a library PerpetuumSoft.DatModel.LinqToSql, which allows transfer changes from linq to sql Classes the database structure without rebuilding the latter. Use Database Restyle – Library allows you to synchronize database structure for linq to sql Classes, writing a few extra lines of code. Thus, you get a chance enhance the standard features of technology Linq to sql and avoid problems with synchronization linq to sql Classes with the structure of the database.

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