Life on Earth consists of many factors that allow them to give the different phenomena in everyday life. But for a long time in human history, such phenomena and characteristics were incompressible nature for people, because nature in its splendor has certain features difficult to understand even in our times, so with the idea able to understand the characteristics of nature, man began to develop a means to study in a systematic way the different properties and phenomena that occur in nature, and began to shape what would physics as a science that studies the properties of nature thanks to the contribution of mathematical means so we can understand in a logical manner the different situations that arise in the development of the lives of people in connection with nature. As you can understand the physics you’re looking to understand accurately and precisely, thanks to methods reasoned study, things that happen in the world through the application of scientific method, where the focus points of study of physics are matter, energy, time, space and the interaction of all these actors nature. Making an analysis of how was the emergence of physics and development in history can be said of most ancient civilizations from the ground seeking to understand and explain the operation as it exists in their environment, which led to carrying out many different interpretations of how the world works, although such interpretations that were more philosophical than physical, so much so that what is now known as physical, to the ancient civilizations was called natural philosophy, where the vast majority of theories discussed in those days were completely wrong, which would be demonstrated over a period of history called the Dark Ages, which would end with the contributions made by Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, with different applications and studies undertaken by displaced many theories and gave a starting point where physics would not be more interpretive, but scientific and proven by experiments that gave a clear indication of the veracity of their theories. Contact information is here: Viacom. Over time physics was developed largely thanks to the contribution of many scientists, who used the scientific method to corroborate their theories and thus began to understand many phenomena that occur in nature, and for the century XX physics would come to full development, which would establish some basic laws regarding the development of physics-classical mechanics: which describes the macroscopic motion.

-Electromagnetism: it describes phenomena such as light. “Relativity describes the relationship between space and time and the gravitational interaction. -Thermodynamics: molecular events described and various changes of heat. -Mechanics quantum describes the behavior of the atomic world.

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