Professional Wedding Photographer

1) Do not leave a friend or relative take pictures of your wedding. Even if your friend has a great "soapbox". Even if he considers himself a professional photographer and it has a professional camera, but Actually it is not working photographer. To the registrar and the Wedding Palace are usually dark, zashtoreny windows, artificial lighting and large rooms. Built-in flash, even a very advanced camera can not cope with it.

Photos will be dark and grainy. Also, the fan is not familiar with light and shadow, composition, color and perspective. Photos will be ordinary and everyday, they will not be a holiday. In addition, it will be a guest and he will participate in entertainment program, and will not shoot you constantly and miss all the interesting moments. Perhaps your friend and, though the talent, but do not check it myself.

In order not to offend others, say that you will be glad of his photographs, but that it is more important to you as a guest. 2) Do not hire a wedding photographer or a beginner photographer, who has no portfolio. If you want to save the photos, to help the new talent to enter the professional level, this up to you! But if you want decent quality photos, try to find a professional photographer to arranging your price. 3) Do not hire a photographer who never engaged Wedding photography (even though he's an excellent photographer in another area). For each genre of photography has its cameras, lenses, sharpened by this survey. He just can not be a suitable lens or laptop lighting equipment. Also in the arsenal of any photographer is a favorite techniques, his style, he knows how to shoot better at what points you should pay attention, know how to pass the marriage ceremony, you know, public places of St. Petersburg can get good pictures. Wedding photographer knows how to communicate with people and organize group photos. Most likely, if he is a true professional, you will cope with shooting decent. But there are no guarantees you will not see his wedding portfolio and you can get in the end is not what we wanted and not what you expect. 4) It is not necessary to hire two professionals in one. Can meet the different possibilities, the most common – Photographer and cameraman in one person. Each of the occupations require skills, skills, technology and time. Photographer, as videoperator should be with you at all times and only work with you. If he is in one hand to hold camera and camcorder in the other – you get snippets of your wedding, something gets in the video, but something in the photo. 5) Having good photos, you can make a photo album / photo book. If you do not order a photo album at once, you can do it later, such as a wedding anniversary. But if the photos are of poor quality, photo and design studio will not get to do a photo album. In conclusion: You will not regret it immediately after the wedding that did not hire professional wedding photographer, but you may regret it later. After the wedding, except the memories you still have only the pictures that remind you of the feelings and emotions that you experienced in your day wedding. Wedding photos – is part of the story of your love. How to choose a professional photographer for the wedding of the entire set of photos, read the following article on our site.

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