Roman Society

Purpose of the sociological method: this is abstraction; allows a scientist once recognized and identified the real difficulties that are opposed to a social science, assume a position before them objectively. In the analysis of the economic and social forces, Marx said in the Preface: the capital you cannot be used the microscope or chemical reagents. The ability of abstraction must replace those media. If it is found that academic sociology is unable to detach from a certain social structure, to scientifically study and if it is unable to discern in his field of studies basically from the accessory, perhaps in practice their greater inability; the failure is yours, is academic and not of the exposed thesis. Sociology include some who admit that all science has his praxis (practical application), less social sciences; see everything in perpetual change, less social schemes, whose ideology is part science social academic.

They agreed, that all sciences seek to know the future study of the phenomena that are studying, less social sciences, so that they do not cease to be objective. Characteristics of Social thought:-primary; and simple generalizations -limited by ethical, mystical and metaphysical concerns observations. In the Roman world, Tacitus Lucretius (poet), Seneca (philosopher), lawyers and speakers, are the search for means test for the man knew the mechanisms of social life. Phase characterized by minimal abstraction. In medieval times; It develops among the Arabs and comes to light in the Renaissance, a new mental attitude; more realistically, man against nature and society. It evolves slowly in the modern age; It has its objective bases in the surguimiento of commercial capitalism maritime discoveries, in development and in the accumulation of wealth that grows and expands without limits and the ideology of one class, which arose from the kingdoms of an estractificada society. The areas prohibited for knowledge were spacious; starting point for reform, the struggle for the free exam, humanism. Renovators studies of chemistry, astronomy, geography; everything that characterizes the first successes of the material and spiritual victim of the bourgeoisie.

Social thought the reflections were deep and parallel (thoughts and works of Machiavelli, Bacon, Boden and Vico). In the search for means and methods for studying society, they used the theoretical resources available within the historical limitations in that it encompassed. Summer said: problems oblige men to think, the pains of life and society to reflect and teach to foresee. Based on this thinking about society, was systematized through the fight in which the human spirit strove to be at the height of the problems caused by the change of the structure social.I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, health, computer, sports, languages, entertainment, Mditacion and more.

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