Russian Bird Conservation Union

Researchers examined data on the thickness of tree trunks and noted that in the past few decades, each hectare of the African tropical forests annually absorbed about six kilograms of carbon dioxide. Similar figures were obtained during the prior Studies of tropical forests in Asia and South America. Understanding of how tropical trees react to climate change, will more deeply explore this phenomenon and help to understand how it will develop a process global warming in the future. Nevertheless, the trees can not grow indefinitely, so you can not rely on them in the fight against climate change. According to the head of research, the States with developed industry, causing the greatest damage to the atmosphere should reallocate their resources in favor of those states where there are rain forests. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs.

This will help preserve forestland in the countries in which deforestation commercially viable, thus providing alternative ways of development of their economies. Swan – a bird in 2009 Russian Bird Conservation Union chose the bird in 2009 swan. And so, in the current year will pay special attention to collecting data on the number and distribution of swans, while popularizing information on how to help this family of birds. In our country there are three species of swans – Swan, Mute and low tundra, with a small tundra swan is in the Red Book of Russia, and whooper and mute swan – in the Red Books of all subjects of the federation. In the year of the swan members of the union, Russia’s largest organization for the conservation species diversity and abundance of wild birds will spread among the population about how to build artificial nests for swans, how to help groups of these birds survive the winter a difficult time as rescue birds in case of contact with oil spills. Whale Week: World Day of whales and photofact ‘In the world of the whales’ Feb. 19 on the planet celebrated the World Day of whales, which also became a day of protection of all sea creatures and oceans. This date was established in 1986 with the introduction of the International Whale Commission ban on whale hunting, which resulted in these animals over the past two centuries, ruthlessly exterminated. Every year on February 19th conservation organizations around the world spend actions to protect marine mammals. For Russia, this date is particularly important – in our seas inhabited by dozens of species of whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins, many of whom threatened with extinction. We offer you our photofact ‘In the world of whales’, which is dedicated to these amazing mammals .

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