Statistical Distribution

The international norm of 1965 for precision sound level meters was based on the Model 2203 that (with improvements throughout its walking) was continued making during 21 years. With the royalty From its humble presentation of 1960, Model 2203 was ascending to mixing itself with the high society. In this photography of 1970, the Dr. Brel makes a demonstration of Model 2203 to king Federico IX of Denmark (2 by the right) and to queen Ingrid of Denmark (4 by the right). Next to Model 2203 the interior of an amplifier of measurement can be seen and to the bottom several generators, analyzers and a screen CRT. With a little aid of the friendly " mantra" of Brel & Kjr in the Sixties was, just as today, " we provide to systems completos". This acquires knowledge next, in a configuration donated by a Danish consultant.

The signal of exit AC with consideration To of Model 2203 (center) is sent to dosemeter Model 4423 (above to the left), which provides a dose measurement that can be transformed into LAeq using the provided special slide rule. In order to capture intermediate results, a camera (right) activated by a timer done to size (down to the right) takes photos hourly from the accountants of the dosemeter for its later reading, conversion and documentation. Also, the level recorder Model 2305 continuously draws up the level of sonorous pressure with consideration To in a registry tape, and so he is easy to make annotations for the documentation. For the statistics, the position of the pen of the level recorder is detected later by means of an adapter and through a cable that the accountant activates corresponding of the Analyzer of Statistical Distribution 4420 (above to the right). Also a total accountant provides itself, who allows to calculate complete statistics. This way the system will provide hi-res registry general, statistics, levels and even frequency analysis, if the game of filters of eighth Model 1613 is used, underneath Model 2203.

In the hen house The work of field with the Model 2203 and its friendly demanded endurance, determination and skill. Seated during days in a hen house, one had to verify the accountants of the statistical analyzer (right), to watch the graph of the pen of the level recorder (center), to mark any acoustic event in the paper while it was coiled and to change to the paper roll every two hours (operator, to the left). But with a shoe, fur coat good of winter and fiambrera, there were reasons no to complain the life either. And watching it after the good side, computer science Model 2203 was totally free of virus. In the highway In this scene next to the highway, Model 2203 is the attention center. Mounted in a tripod, with the microphone to a height of 1.2 meters, as it sent to the norm and with his capsule of 1 inch protected with a screen windy, the equipment measured the sonorous level of any vehicle that happened. The operator, calm and safe of itself, compared the levels measured with the legal limits and, when a violator detected, he sent to his motorists to persecute it. Original author and source of the article.

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