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Licensing System

The building complex of the country has moved from a licensing system for self-regulation. Since the transition to self-regulation was implemented in a short time, and the legislative framework were many shortcomings, the participants construction market in the near future to face with many surprises. Phase of the self-regulatory system in the construction industry in […]

Christmas Trees

It is because of the strength experts especially recommend gluing them to the new homes. The walls in the new house, as you know, 'shrink', and long enough, a few years, sometimes even appear bumps and cracks. So, non-woven wallpaper based in this case not only will not tear, but also in some sense will […]


This High-quality, substantial furniture in the style of past epochs, the interior is composed of objects, always have a historical identity. Modern style Every innovation in industry, technology creates its own style and fashion. Fashion affects the material, the material impact on fashion. Recently Steve Wozniak sought to clarify these questions. Thus, in primitive society […]

Energy Efficient Technologies

In April this year the Fund for Housing Reform published the results of the draft manual of modern Russian energy efficient buildings. These were a few houses Bashkir Tuimazy. During major repairs here have been insulated walls and installed meters. As a result of measures taken, the economy – consumption of heat energy was 36%. […]

Qualitative Dismantling And Demolition Of Buildings In Cramped Conditions !

"What we should build a house? Draw – we shall live! "Easy to say, but it's much harder to implement. Today, building market is expanding as never before. There is a demand, and there is a suggestion. But if one were all just construct, it is easier than ever. There is land, materials, labor and […]

Modular Houses

Attic and terraces have always been a fixture of country estates. But in recent years in fashion include winter gardens. There are new architectural solutions: large-scale window openings with panoramic windows, creating the effect of volume, portal – a parallel-glazed sliding design. For all of these elements requires non-standard windows. Here, pvc – out of […]

Metal Art

Metal Art – a unique way to make interior and exterior of your home and respectable individual simultaneously. Elegant openwork patterns, concise strict geometry, or knight's monumental – style may be different. Equally incredible impression of hot-forged products. Its exquisite range of company piterra expanded opportunity to provide services for artistic forging. For masters of […]