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Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics, has written: if they want to know why the world crisis, look at it this way: is the revenge of the excess. Because beyond bankers, professional financial and political agents, the crisis is the result of excessive and wasteful, an economic model that, demonstrated until tiredness, it only serves […]

Cash Management

PLAN Strategic Plan when we make a journey, and we have not planned it well, going for example with excess baggage that we have reduced the possibilities of space for other things, we have a higher cost of gasoline, perhaps more stress, possible greater fatigue and more importantly: does not enjoy the journey itself passing […]


First impression when I saw this book for the first time was a very, very sad point in my life. The main thing that popped into my mind was: another book more of many many things that promises to retrieve a lost love I could not believe it was true. But my heart and my […]