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Essential History

Exactly armed of a methodology or a valid theoretical base, we can inquire: what it takes the researcher if to be valid this and not of another theoretical support? Because it selected these and other elements not to analyze? In all the cases the historian works from an ideology and of indirect form, he works […]

Insurance Intermediaries

The experience you have and the theories of marketing aim to highlight the importance of maintaining permanent contact with your client, but this contact must add value to the existing relationship, each client must be treated in a differential way only what you know as his Adviser and confidant, call or visit without apparent reason […]

Gummed Envelopes

With the passing of time constant both social and technological renovation has been overshadowing some elements that have given an important direction to history, we are specifically talking about that today is still used but is increasingly being replaced by the Internet more. So in this article show how important the envelopes have been historically. […]

Modern Times

I remember Modern Times of Charles social thematic Chaplin with that stirs up thinking on the modern world, an industrial one, each more mechanized time. However it is necessary planning in a similar way that relation between content prepared for the lesson and has filmed so that this if does not become a mere illustration. […]

South Africa

However this situation criticizes is product of the interests of the great occidental countries that bank and finance the local dictatorship, as well as for the discriminatory politics of the BM/FMI, that desestabilizou the economy of all the African countries that after national independences came if recouping. Many expressions are listened to as: my son […]

Southern Africa

INTERPRETATIONS METROPOLITANS: The imperialism capitalist to keep its capacity of growth, the markets show that after the industrial revolution the societies of the time needed consuming markets and classified Africa being as colony was one of them; the substances cousins: with the industrial revolution the European countries little by little had been needing more substances […]