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Welding Electrodes

Purpose of the electrode, the electrode it is an important link in the technology of electric arc welding it is intended to supply electric current to the subject of welding. Today there are many types and brands welding electrodes, each with its own narrow specialization. The electrodes must meet the following conditions: constant supply of […]

Refrigeration Equipment

roduktsii and confirmed by a three-year hardware warranty. Production quality control system certified by ISO-9001. In the production of refrigeration equipment used components from leading manufacturers: SEST, DANFOSS, EMBRACO EUROPE (ASPERA) / ELIWELL. "ROSS" has a wide variety – that will help you select the cooling equipment for your specific case. roduktsii and confirmed by […]

Battery Power

In addition, many middle-class UPS is perceived as a strong decrease in the frequency of accidents and begin to consume battery power. The battery is discharged in a few minutes and all work is complete. Another distinctive feature of Ukraine is full of a power outage. Accidents and disasters that created the Whole power failure […]


The first figure refers to a group of the machine, the second – its type, the third digit or the third and fourth digits reflect the basic size of the machine. For example, model 16K20 means: screw-cutting lathe with a maximum diameter of workpiece 400 mm. The letter between the second and third digit indicates […]

Metals and Rust

In the presence of electrolyte anode surface rust is stronger than the cathode. All of these metals can be cathodic with respect to the metals, which are located above them. From this it follows that the metal coating, which are cathodic to the base metal may be used only in thick coatings that are deposited […]

Motovario Group

However, he retained the post of Chairman of the Board and personally involved in the discussion of all important issues. In 1996, the company began expansion abroad. In just two years, a network of branches, some of which later became separate entities. Today, child or dependent companies Motovario Group is represented in Austria, Britain, Germany, […]