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Plea For A New Buddhism

Bhante S. Dhammika: Broken Buddha. Plea for a new Buddhism, edition steinrich 2011 Bhante S. Samsung has compatible beliefs. Dhammika, for more than 30 years of Buddhist monk, illuminated the historically grown structures within Buddhism very engaged and critical as competent and makes specific proposals for a renewal, without however diluting the essence of Buddhism. […]

European Federation

“”Section 3″by Miriam Pharo on sprechbude.de In August 2007 the two film and theatre actor Christoph Maasch and Peter Kempkes called the talk place lots of text” in the life: an online platform where everyone free can download audio posts from the monologue until the radio. The literary tidbits ranging Allen Poe of Rilke and […]

Employee Retention System

Practice-oriented book by Gunther Wolf has to maintain the competitiveness of employee retention, formerly known as topic for social romantics is mildly derided now a top issue management and human resource management. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. The practical book of employee retention is now available due to the great demand of […]

Latin Proverbs

Potius sero quam nunquam Livy? Collection of national proverbs and sayings bright displays life, manners, customs and other peculiarities of the people who created them. But there is another level as 'winged', ie, passing from mouth to mouth expressions that differ from proverbs and sayings that they are quotes dating back to a specific literary […]

Great Science Fiction

The innocuous-sounding title In the year of the great mother a fictitious diary with explosive theses about a not-so-distant future, which can be summarised in a few sentences behind: after a female revolution Germany, or what’s left of him, dominated at the end of the 21st century by a dictator, the great mother. It has […]

The Modern Man

The narrator and the author, are not capable to answer with precision to the personage on who it are: ' ' to the conscience all-absorbent of the personage the author can oppose only one objective world? the world of other isnomas consciences ela.' ' (BAKHTIN, 1997, P. 49). The Modern Man, trusts itself exactly and […]