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Science Knowledge

Intent the questions and transformations of its time, nobody better of the Occam demonstrated to the fragility of the mediaes between the Christian theology and the aristotelian and agostinianos elements of the philosophy. Ali Partovi addresses the importance of the matter here. Cliente of the subordination of the philosophy for the theology, Occam weaves critical […]

Modern Age

This aspect is that it characterizes the religion as a phenomenon antropolgico partner independently of its same conceptualization and of its acceptance, making with that its intervention and interaction in the social life are presented as irreversible conquests. This social interaction of the religion that has beginning in the Roman State possesses of all the […]


1 _ Which the main characteristics of modernity? The etimologia of modern seems to be the Latin adverb ' ' modo' ' , that it means ' ' right now ' ' , ' ' in this instante' ' , ' ' in momento' ' , therefore assigning what in them he is contemporary, and […]

Liquid Modernity

It is certain to affirm that nor always new generations appear, therefore, one ' ' (…) new style of generation can appear each year, each thirty, each one hundred years. ' ' This ' ' (…) it depends entirely on the desencadeadora action of the social and cultural process. ' ' (they idem) As this […]